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The Highly-Requested Incognito Mode is Coming to Google Maps

Image courtesy of Shutterstock

Image courtesy of Shutterstock

After a significant location tracking scandal, Google finally includes the incognito mode to its Google Maps app.

In August 2018, findings from the Associated Press’s investigation suggests that Google had been tracking user location. That’s unsurprising, considering the myriads of privacy issues the company is linked with.

According to AP, many Google services stores users’ location, even when the privacy settings on their Android and iOS device says otherwise.

It took almost a year, but Google finally came up with various fixes to prevent location tracking.

Unless you’re using apps where location data is essential such as Maps or Waze, Google should no longer be able to track you. Also, the tech company improved the privacy features in Android 10 to better handle location data.

Now, Google is testing one more feature to show its new-found commitment to user privacy, and that’s an incognito mode for its Maps app.

How does it work, you ask?

How Incognito Mode Helps Google Map Navigation Security

In the past, users had to sign out their Google account out of the Google Maps to reduce the location data which the tech company collects. That’s hardly convenient.

With the incognito mode enabled, users can finally limit what their phone and Google account stores as far as location is concerned. Whether it’s a visit to an alcoholism support group or a sexual health clinic, users can now control what pops-up on the “Recently Visited” page.

Since Google promised the feature about four months ago, we already knew it was in the works. However, reports reveal that the tech company is only just rolling out the Google Maps Preview test to some members.

Incognito mode will reportedly work anywhere Google Maps is available. To have access to the feature now, you must be part of the Preview Maps test groups, and also install the preview version 10.26 or later of the app.

Incognito Does Not Promise Total Location Privacy

While incognito does prevent Google from tracking your location, it doesn’t guarantee complete location privacy. For example, entities such as your phone carrier will still have a rough idea of where you are at all times.

Like the incognito mode on web browsers, the protection that comes with the new privacy feature is limited. However, it doesn’t make the feature less crucial.

Google Maps users should start enjoying the new feature soon.

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