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The No-BS Guide to Increasing Your Twitter Following

Worawee Meepian /

Worawee Meepian /

Is your Twitter account following the same month over month? Are you looking for ways to accelerate growth without advertising?

In this article, you’ll find 13 actionable tactics to organically grow your followers on Twitter.

Without further ado,

Here’s Your No-BS Guide to Increasing Your Twitter Following

1. Be consistent:

Let’s face it, Twitter is noisy. Posting every now and then won’t get you noticed or build you a following. Instead, you must take time to post regularly. Posting regularly will get your account noticed by your followers.

They are more likely to retweet your tweets to their followers who might end up following you if they enjoy your tweets. It’s best to use post scheduling tools like Buffer to avoid posting at irregular intervals.

2. Contribute to trending topics:

There are multiple trending topics on Twitter each day. These topics offer a huge opportunity for exposure. Find the trends that interest you and join in on conversations around them. You can post content about these trends, retweet or respond to other people’s tweets.

3. Include Relevant Hashtags:

Whenever you post on Twitter, it’s best to include a few relevant hashtags to increase reach. Hashtags allow you to reach people beyond your current following. However, you shouldn’t stuff too many unrelated hashtags in your tweets. They’ll appear spammy.

4. Follow Followers of Influencers:

Influencers have huge followings on Twitter. Most of these influencers are niche-specific and thus their followers have similar interests. Target the followers of influencers in your niche. They are more likely to follow you back if they see your interests are aligned.

5. Respond to Accounts With Large Followings:

Accounts with large followings often have great engagement. Their tweets receive lots of shares and responses. Writing meaningful responses to their tweets can gain you a lot of attention and ultimately followers.

6. Respond to People who Engage With you:

One thing you would want to be known for on Twitter is responsiveness. Some users will tag you in their tweets, share your content or talk about your brand/products. Make it a point to promptly respond to all of them. It could be a simple “thank you” or emoji/gif response. They’ll appreciate it and engage with your more.

7. Share Content From Other Twitter Users:

Noticed a user posting content your audience might enjoy?

You can go ahead and share it with them. You can either retweet or post as a new thing and tag them. You’ll be surprised how many people will return the favor.

8. Retweet Tweets That Mention you:

Get into the habit of retweeting tweets that mention you. The tweeters are likely to reciprocate the gesture by retweeting your other content as well.

9. Embed Tweets in Your Blog Posts:

If you’ve posted some tweets that relevant to a blog post your crafting, it’s a great idea to embed them in the post. Everyone who reads the article will know of your Twitter account and some might actually follow you.

10. Add Widgets to Your Website or Blog:

Widgets make it easy for users to follow social media profiles. Add a Twitter follow widget to your blog or website to make it easier for people to find and follow you.

11. Promote Your Handle on Your Other Social Media Profiles:

If you have other social media profiles with active followings, you can cross-promote your Twitter handle on them.

12. Promote Your Twitter Handle at Events and Conferences:

If you’re invited to speak at an event or conference, use that opportunity to get some people to follow you on Twitter by announcing your handle at the end of your talk.

13. Use Tools to Automate the Process:

There are several tools that can help you automate the majority of the manual tasks that goes into growing your account like finding tweets to respond to, finding people who are likely to follow you, etc. For example, Hootsuite is a great tool to manage your Twitter presence. Another tool, Crowdfire is also great for finding users to follow who are likely to follow you back.

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