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Top 5 CES 2018 Startups that Dominated Eureka Park

James Mattil |

James Mattil |

From hundreds of CES 2018 startups that participated last week, only a few made it to the top of this year’s Startup Night in Las Vegas.

CES 2018 finally closed its curtains to the public last Friday, but it’s definitely not the end for the companies that participated in the week-long event. While the news was filled with names of today’s industry giants, CES 2018 Startups also showcased some of the most promising tech and devices that we should all look forward to in the months to come.

Last week, out of the hundreds that graced every corner of the famous Eureka Park, 15 startups battled to take the number one spot in the CES Startup Night 2018. However, only the cream of the crop made it to the top five. Here are the five most promising startups from this year’s CES 2018.

Let’s begin with first place Lishtot.

1. Lishtot

Israeli startup company Lishtot, which translates to “drink” in Hebrew, took the first spot during the event’s Startup Night. Among the 15 CES 2018 startups that competed for the 1st place, Lishtot’s simple innovation is definitely the best when it comes to keeping people safe and healthy.

The device, known as TestDrop, can allegedly determine if water is safe to drink by analyzing the electric fields around it. It is an IoT product that will enable anyone to test three kinds of water (bottled, tap, and natural) for any contaminants in a few seconds.

“Lishtot technology uses electric fields to determine what high-quality water looks like. Contaminants, including bacteria, organics, heavy metals, pesticides, and toxins create distortions that are intercepted by our sensors,” the company said on their website.

CES 2018 Startups, Lishtot's TestDrop
TestDrop | Lishtot

TestDrop is said to be highly sensitive to any material that’s not supposed to be in the water, including soluble materials like soap and saliva. Other contaminants that Lishtot’s product can detect include lead, cadmium, fluoride, copper, chlorine, nitrate, and others listed here.

The information gathered by TestDrop can be sent via Bluetooth to any smartphone that has the company’s mobile app installed. From there, the user can gain access to the results of the water test. The device costs $50 USD and is powered by regular watch batteries.

According to Lishtot, they are planning to release a pen-like water testing tube which has the same functionalities as TestDrop this year.

2. Bartesian

Bartesian, a Canada-based startup, will definitely be a hit among cocktail enthusiasts. According to the company, its product, which has the same name as the company, can allegedly produce premium cocktails in just a few minutes anytime, anywhere. With Bartesian, you don’t have to be a mixologist to serve bar-quality cocktails at the comforts of your home.

Bartesian has four reservoirs where you can store any of your favorite alcoholic beverages like vodka, gin, rum, tequila, or whiskey. Anyone can select the strength of their drink from mocktail to triple-shot then insert the Keurig-like capsules into the system to draw the beverages.

CES 2018 Startups, Bartesian

According to Bartesian, their product can produce numerous cocktail mixtures using concentrated liquid ingredients extracted from real fruit juices, bitters, and non-alcoholic liqueurs. Apparently, the cocktail possibilities are limitless with this modern bartending device, a feature that made it one of the CES 2018 startups that dominated Eureka Park last week.

Right now, their so-called robot bartender is already available for pre-order at $299 USD on the company’s website.

3. ICI Vision

One of the Israel-based CES 2018 startups that also impressed the organizers and the participants of the event was ICI Vision. The company’s smart glasses, dubbed as Enhanced Vision Engine (EVE), is designed to help people with vision disabilities improve their navigation.

CES 2018 Startups, ICI Vision's EVE
EVE | ICI Vision

EVE is reportedly equipped with artificial intelligence, miniature cameras, and software that monitor the movement of the pupils. According to ICI Vision, the AI and the cameras can correct blind spots by filling in the gaps and projecting the visual images onto the healthy parts of the retina. The combined hardware and software systems can significantly improve a person’s visual perception in real time.

EVE is still under trial and ICI Vision has not released any date of when it will be available in the market.

4. Pebby

Perhaps one of the most popular CES 2018 startups was the Singapore-based company Pebby. During the week-long event, Pebby exhibited the world’s first smart robotic pet sitter system which will enable pet owners and pets to interact with each other remotely anytime, anywhere.


CES 2018 Startups, Pebby ball
Pebby Ball | Pebby

The device called the Pebby ball can be controlled remotely via the Pebby companion app which can be installed on any smartphone or tablet. According to Geek News, the device has a 1080p wide-angle video camera and four powerful lithium-ion batteries to enable pet owners to watch, interact, and capture their pet’s cutest and most candid moments in real-time. The live footage streams are said to be available on the Pebby app.

The Pebby ball comes in a pet-friendly size (80mm diameter) with 3-dimensional control systems and dual independent suspension to keep it stable all the time. The device also features an interactive/multi design casing, built-in LED lights for Night Vision Mode, LED glow rims, speakers, and a laser toy that cats would definitely love.

Pebby’s pet sitter ball will begin shipping during the first quarter of this year.

5. Fing

One of the many CES 2018 startups involved in network scanning and creating home security tools, Fing, secured fifth place during the Startup Night in Las Vegas. Aside from that, the company was also named a CES 2018 Innovation Awards Honoree for its Fingbox network security appliance.

CES 2018 Startups, Fing network scanning app
Fing Network Scanning App | Fing

However, what made the company one of the favorites among the 15 Eureka Park startups that competed for the top five spots is its Fing network scanning app. The app is supposedly designed to protect consumers from hackers by detecting any network intruders and can troubleshoot WiFi problems on any device connected to a network.

Currently, the Fing network scanning app has over 20 million users that perform over 1 million network scans a day. The app is said to be one of the top utility applications on both the App Store and Google Play in the United States, Spain, Brazil, Mexico, United Kingdom, Germany, and Italy.

Will you try any product from one of these CES 2018 startups? Which one will you choose? Let us know in the comment section below!

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