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Top 10 Tools to Help you Curate Better Content

If you're looking for tools to help you curate better content, look no further. We aim to continually consolidate our knowledge and share it with you!

Curate your content like it's the Louvre

Curate your content like it's the Louvre

If you’re a content creator, you know that curation works best when you gather information relevant to your particular areas of interest.

Whilst some marketers may curate content to gain prominence as thought leaders, others use content curation to maintain a consistent schedule of quality content for their marketing channels.

We’ve been able to interact with and analyze these different types of marketers, and we’ve developed some insightful tools for you to use in curating the best possible content.

Whatever your reason for curating content may be, the fact is that using the right tools will make your work a lot easier.

Here are the Top 10 Tools to Help you Curate Better Content:

1. Pinterest

Pinterest Homepage

Pinterest is a visual discovery social network. On Pinterest, you can follow people in your niche and/or chosen topics. This allows you to find a constant stream of great content which you can save to your own board. You can share your saved content with your audience outside of Pinterest.

2. Curata

Curata Homepage

Curata is a Business-Grade Content Curation Software (CCS). Curata helps you find, organize, annotate and share the best content based on your set preferences.

3. Feedly

Feedly Homepage

Feedly is a hybrid of blog and RSS reader. Feedly allows you to discover, organize, view and share content from your favorite news sites, YouTube channels, blogs, and feeds.

4. does not only allow you to discover and curate quality content, it also allows you to connect with influencers in your niche. also provides you with analytics tools to monitor your performance.

5. Pocket

Pocket Homepage

Pocket is more of a save-for-later app. Pocket lets you save any form of content from a website or Social Media. Pocket allows easy organization of saved content with tags, allowing you to call upon them efficiently when needed. Pocket also has a search functionality which makes searching through saved content painless.

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6. Flipboard

Flipboard Homepage

Dubbed as your online personal magazine, Flipboard lets you create an incredibly visually appealing magazine of stories, pictures, and videos. You can also discover great content on other people’s magazines as well as the different topics that you follow.

7. Twitter Lists

Twitter Lists

If you follow a lot of people on Twitter, it becomes incredibly difficult to keep up with all the tweets that appear on your timeline.

This is where Twitter list comes in handy.

Twitter list is great for grouping Twitter accounts you follow. This way you are able to view tweets from specific accounts separately from your main timeline.

8. Sniply

Sniply Homepage

When marketers curate and share content, they drive traffic to sites other than theirs. Sniply changes that.

Sniply lets you add a CTA to any link you share. This means you could share quality content from other blogs and still have a link to your webinar on the content.

How cool is that?

9. Pressly

Pressly Homepage

Pressly finds related content for you based on links you save. For every link, you save Pressly finds you a few more content you can curate and share with your audience.

10. Quuu

Quuu Homepage

Quuu sends you hand-picked content based on your set interests. There are over 300 categories to choose from. You can also choose how many suggestions you’d like to receive. Quuu is integrated with Buffer and HubSpot so it’s more than just one tool.

Have you used any of these tools? How did they impact your content curation and overall content marketing strategy?

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  1. aaronsperling July 20 at 8:10 pm GMT

    Consider adding Lasso,, to the next list. it is a new, content curation service that is already being used for social media marketing, content marketing, web research, and knowledge management.

    • Brett Forsberg July 21 at 7:06 pm GMT

      Thanks Aaron! We’ll definitely add that to our wheelhouse.

  2. Ryan Born January 31 at 7:56 pm GMT


    Not only does it find trending articles, but it lets you schedule to social media with a single click.

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