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Five Edtech Startups Improving Interactive Learning

Rishi Kapal | WizIQ

Rishi Kapal | WizIQ

Educational institutions are the foundation of societies, and technologies aimed at education are advancing rapidly with the advent of Industry 4.0. India is becoming a hot-spot for ‘edtech,’ and here are five edtech companies that can tell you why.

Edtech is a burgeoning industry that permeates every aspect of education. From the classroom to the administration, institutions are using technology innovations to improve the quality of learning for millions of students. For example, AR and VR technologies are allowing students to escape the static, standardized environment of a quiet classroom. Instead, a hands-on experience gives them greater understanding of the real world, making for a more engaging intellectual experience.

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In India, edtech is a booming business. Here are five companies to keep an eye on, according to Rishi Kapal, CEO of EduGild.

1. Gradopedia

Entering the workforce is a critical juncture in the successful education process, and Gradopedia aims to make it a fun and easy process. Students can use Gradopedia to help recognize their skills and, in turn, find opportunities that are available for them. This enhances career planning strategies. Gradopedia also offers their product to employers. As a result, this resource understands both sides of their prospective customer base.

2. Instafeez

Instafeez is a fintech platform that gives institutions a way to manage transactions. The service may seem like a small part of educational systems, but the need to exchange funds is present in any school, from grade schools to universities. Instafeez automates fee management for institutions, effectively cutting out the need for accounting infrastructure.

“Instafeez automates fee management for institutions, effectively cutting out the need for accounting infrastructure.”

Having the right service for making transactions greases the wheels of education. In the long-term, it allows a school to flourish for students and parents alike, as they each contribute to classrooms in their own way.

3. Simulanis

Simulanis revolutionizes the art of teaching through AR/VR technology. Their mobile app, SARAL, enables students to learn from professionals in the engineering world with the aid of the new wave of interactive technology.

The idea of teaching engineering in VR is interesting because it can provide a safe place for students to practice their spatial understanding of designs and innovations. AR allows students to get guiding information when trying hands-on projects for the first time.

4. Classboat

Breaking into certain careers can be difficult, and that’s where Classboat comes into the picture. Not everyone knows how to initiate a musical career. Classboat can help, with a little help from the Internet. Their website features articles and guides from more than 2000 specialist teachers, who can help people learn how to follow their dreams of being the next great yoga instructor, chess master, or robotics engineer.

5. Edugild

New technologies are often brought into the world via startups, but behind every great startup is an investor willing to take a risk. Edugild wants to empower learning by supporting edtech startups that have already finished their research and development and are ready to bring their product to the educational market The group was established in 1983, and they now support more than 80,000 students by contributing to the development of their schools.

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