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Tweetstorming is Officially a Twitter Feature

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Twitter is testing ‘tweetstorm‘, a feature that allows you to send out a series of tweets at once without manual execution.

Twitter‘s previous character limits forced people to really craft their thoughts, to really think about what they wanted to say and do so in the most economical and efficient way. Ironically, in this way, this new form of communication more resembled sending a telegraph.

People obviously found workarounds, and Twitter seems to be rewarding these by making them official.

First, it was increased character counts, and now this.

Question is why are they doing this? Is it a way of encouraging more user engagement?

Android Police was first to report that some Android alpha app users were seeing this feature in the Twitter app.

Tweetstorm Feature
Left (Without Tweetstorm feature) Right (With Tweetstorm feature) | Android Police

According to Android Police, users who had been granted access to this feature have a completely different interface for composing tweets.

‘Without the change, the compose screen shows your avatar on the top right and a blue Tweet button on the right side of the attachment bar, next to the character counter/circle.

With the change, a new Tweet all button replaces your avatar, and a + icon is found next to the character counter. Tap this and you can link multiple tweets together.

The interface also shows you the different tweets, so you can still edit and change each one before you send them.”

The microblogging site later confirmed testing of this feature on both alpha and beta iOS and Android programs to TechCrunch.

The feature, however, doesn’t really come as a surprise to many because a developer found it hidden in the Twitter app last September.

For now, it’s not clear when or if Twitter will make this feature available to all users.

Twitter’s character limit increase received mixed reactions from users? How do you think “Tweetstorm” will be received?

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