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Twitter Introduces 6-second Viewable Video Ad Bids

Image courtesy of Shutterstuck

Image courtesy of Shutterstuck

Twitter is launching a new 6-second video ad bidding option for advertisers globally.

The social media platform wants to help advertisers get their videos in front of audiences when they’re most receptive. Since brand impact occurs within seconds, Twitter is introducing the 6-second viewable ad bids.

With the new global video buying model, the social media company will only charge advertisers or brands if their 15-second or shorter video is viewed for at least six seconds. Also, the pixels have to be at 50 percent in-view on the user’s screen.

Twitter is making the bid unit available on promoted videos, in-stream video ads, and in-stream video sponsorship.

In a statement, Twitter said:

“Today, we’re excited to provide a flexible option for advertisers who care about the completed view metric, but are ready to lean into the mobile-first paradigm and develop short-form assets optimized for in-feed viewing.”

So, why is the new ad model a big deal?

Why Twitter’s 6-second Viewable Video Ad Bids a Big Deal

The new Twitter bidding option is quite similar to YouTube’s 6-seconds bumper ads. However, it offers the flexibility of running longer creatives.

As such, advertisers that are interested in building a considerable viewing rate can benefit from the new ad bid. Brands can enjoy the security of transacting on a longer view, while still providing a short-term video experience to their viewers.

Some advertisers like Dell are already using the model while working with agency VMLY&R Miami to try the approach in Brazil.

In a statement, Dell’s CSB Brazil marketing director, Alice Oliveira, said:

“This six-second video ad solution, paired with compelling creative, increased our view rate by over 22%, making Dell Brazil leaders in best video result in the market.”

According to a Twitter-sponsored study by EyeSee, short-form (under six seconds), sound-off videos with clear branding delivered a significantly better ad recall and message association on mobile than linear TV-styled videos.

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