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Tech with Legs: OneSignal's Push Notifications



Push notifications help you keep people up to date on your product or service by sending a short message straight to their lock screen, desktop or web browser. To make good use of them, you should check out OneSignal.

If you have a smartphone, chances are you have seen a push notification.

Push notifications are those little messages that pop up on your lock screen or web browser that tell you if you have a Facebook message or a text, or if someone has stormed your castle in your favorite online game.

If you want to use push notifications for your app or service, you may need to find someone that can help you do that. Here enters OneSignal.

OneSignal provides a robust and dependable notification service on all native and mobile platforms. They have an SDK for whatever kind of device you want to send notifications out to, and their online dashboard makes the coding a simpler and easier process.

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The Benefits of OneSignal

Sending out massive numbers of push notifications can be a tricky prospect. Open source projects are available to help you do it, but the protocols often change, potentially making them obsolete and forcing you to find another method to keep up with high traffic.

OneSignal provides you with a reliable and easy to use kit that prevents you from suffering from the woes of open source failure. They use a single UI and API for all platforms, and they have gathered enough SDKs so that you should have no problem communicating with whatever set of devices you desire.

push notifications

In addition to simple push notifications, OneSignal also provides marketing tools like A/B testing and conversion tracking, so you can monitor your push notifications and improve the amount of engagement you get from them.

push notifications

Setup is easy, and OneSignal provides extensive documentation for how to generate, customize, and send push notifications for each platform.

Your developers will take no time getting OneSignal to work for them. For that matter, OneSignal is widely used, so you may know someone who already knows about the product.

All of OneSignal’s features are also completely free to use. They make their money from data sales to advertisers and research companies, and from other paid services for clients wanting more data privacy. For everyone else, all the features are provided for the sweet, sweet cost of nothing.

What Could Push Notifications do for me?

When people agree to push notifications, they are often very interested in your product or service. Push notifications give you the ability to send the latest news and offers straight to their lock screen. Imagine a reminder that sends a user straight back in your game for hours.

Let’s say you have a subscription media company. When people subscribe to your content, you want to be able to promise them more quality stuff. If they get push notifications the moment new content appears, they’ll know that you are active and devoted to your programming.

In today’s busy atmosphere, people may go for weeks at a time without coming back for any views or likes, so push notifications help them keep up with what is new.

Ever heard of a freemium game? The more time someone spends enjoying your free game, the more likely they are to convert into a customer for your micro-transactions. When push notifications keep them apprised of something that they can affect in-game, many will be compelled to spend more time playing.

If you aren’t using push notifications for your product or service, you may want to seriously consider how they could help.

Check out OneSignal today.

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