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Verizon Media Launches Its Privacy-Focused OneSearch

Image courtesy of OneSearch

Image courtesy of OneSearch

A new competitor called OneSearch has joined the search engine market. And here’s what you should know about it.

Last week, Verizon Media announced a new search engine with enhanced privacy features called OneSearch. Like DuckDuckGo, OneSearch promises not to track, store, or share user data with advertisers.

In other words, users will have complete control of their personal information in the search context. But there’s more.

Unlike DuckDuckGo, businesses can integrate Verizon’s new search engine with their existing privacy and security products. That way, their customers can retain a measure of control.

In its announcement, head of consumer product at Verizon Media, Michael Albers said:

“In support of our commitment to trust and transparency, we are excited to launch OneSearch, an innovative new online search experience built for privacy-minded searchers.”

So, what privacy features does the new search engine offer.

The Privacy Features in Verizon’s OneSearch

OneSearch offers what it’s calling an Advanced Privacy Mode.

When the feature is enabled, the search engine’s encrypted search result link will expire within an hour. This provides an additional layer of privacy when multiple people use the same device.

This is in line with our strong commitment to lead the industry over the last couple of decades,” added Albers. “We are excited to evolve further, along with our partners and users, delivering a brand-new, privacy-minded experience for the search ecosystem.”

Aside from encrypted search items, OneSearch promises other privacy-focused features such as:

  • No storing of users’ search history
  • No cookie tracking, personal profiling, or retargeting
  • Unbiases, unfiltered search results
  • No sharing of user data with advertisers

Although the search engine is an ad-supported platform, it doesn’t use browsing history or cookies. Instead, ads are based on factors such as search keywords.

For example, a person searching for “flight to New York” may see ads for airlines that travel to New York.

OneSearch is only available in North America on mobile browsers and desktop at

Verizon Media promises that other countries will soon have access to the search engine. Also, a mobile app for iOS and Android should become available later in the month.

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