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Top 5 Weirdest Smartphones Designs of 2019

There are plenty of strange smartphones out there. Here are the five weirdest. | Maxx-Studio /

There are plenty of strange smartphones out there. Here are the five weirdest. | Maxx-Studio /

2019 is already fast becoming the year of outside the box innovation. Already, we've seen some of the weirdest smartphones ever made. Here are our top 5

Prior to 2007, before the arrival of the iPhone and its slab design, phone manufacturers were on a quest to find the perfect design, leading to some of the weirdest smartphones ever made. We got the gamepad Nokia N-Gage, the odd-shaped Siemens Xelibri series, and the unusual jewelry box design of the Samsung Serene.

It all changed after the 2007 Macworld convention. What happened at this event, you ask?

Bang & Olufsen Serene / Samsung E910 | Image Credit: Retromobe

Well, the first generation iPhone did. Not only did it come with several innovative features, but it also had a form factor that was elegant and comfortable to use. Within two years, the new design would become the standard smartphone design.

But, the era of the slab of glass design may be coming to an end. With the flexible OLED display, now we can get smartphones that fold in all sort of ways. Unfortunately, the tech is still too new and pricey.

Instead, phone manufacturers are coming up with innovative improvements to give their products an edge over one another. While the market leaders tend to play it safe with a hole punch design, the small ones go all out with some of the weirdest smartphones we’ve ever seen.

From a phone that sees the blood in your veins, to a smartwatch with identity issues, here are five of the weirdest smartphones we’ve seen so far.

1. LG G8 ThinQ; Vein Recognition Technology

LG G8 ThinQ | Image Credit: LG

While other companies were using face recognition and fingerprint unlock, LG decided to take it further. Why not throw in a vein recognition unlock, they thought? And that was precisely what they did.

The LG G8 ThinQ spots a front facing Z Camera that can recognize the features of the veins in your hands, including its thickness and shape. How does it work, you wonder?

The Z Camera uses the infrared absorption feature of the hemoglobin in human blood to map the veins. That means, users only have to place their hands in front of the selfie camera for the phone to recognize the veins and unlock.

According to the manufacturer, light from external sources does not affect the vein recognition technology. Whether it’s a low-light environment or the bright outdoors, the LG G8 should unlock easily.

2. Nubia Wrist Phone; A Device With Identity Crises

The Nubia Alpha | Image Credit: Mashable

Strictly speaking, the Nubia Alpha is not really a smartphone – it’s a watch. But the manufacturer doesn’t want you calling it that. Instead, they’re marketing the device as a phone that you can wear on your wrist. Yes, like a wristwatch, but they decided to call it a wrist phone. It’s all a confusing mess.

Identity issues aside, the Nubia Alpha packs some pretty exciting features.

It has an OLED screen that wraps around your wrist, a built-in camera, and gesture control. Since the Snapdragon Wear 2100 powered device supports 4G eSim, you can make phone calls straight from your wrist.

In a way, the Nubia Alpha offers the best of both worlds. You can enjoy the best smartwatch features such as sleep and fitness tracking, as well as phone features such as a more prominent display, selfie camera, and video recording.

3. The Energizer; A Battery That Has A Phone In It

The Energizer Phone | Image Credit: HotHardware

Next on our weirdest smartphones list is the dream device for anyone with a phobia of low battery levels. This phone goes by different names in the tech community. Whether you call it thick boi or use the moniker “elephant in the room,” all the names reference one thing – the phone size. And why not, the Energizer is three times thicker than an average phone.

There’s just one thing; the big size houses a ridiculous 18,000 mAh battery – almost six times the capacity of the iPhone X ‘s 2,716 mAh battery. In the end, you could get as much as 50 days of standby time from the battery.

4. Nokia PureView 9; Five Camera Lenses For a Perfect Shot

Nokia Pureview 9 | Image Credit: The Asian Age

In a move to entice photography enthusiasts, HMD Global included five 12-megapixel rear cameras in its latest smartphone – the Nokia PureView 9.

As a result, every time you take a picture, all five cameras combine to produce one image with increased detail. With that, users can enjoy more control over exposure, contrast, white balance and depth of field.

The effect is supposed to mirror the capabilities of a DSLR camera but without the bulk.

5. Nomu T18; A Bombproof Walkie-Talkie For the Apocalypse

Nomu T18 | Image Credit: YouTube

When civilization finally collapses and anarchy reigns supreme, your fancy iPhones and Samsung phones will become useless. Still, you need to remain in touch with other survivors. That’s where the Nomu T18 shines.

What is this device, you wonder?

Designed for an average apocalyptic zombie fighter, The Nomu T18 is an IP68 water resistance phone with a built-in VHF/UHF walkie-talkie within a bombproof casing. It also comes with the traditional fingerprint recognition and a replaceable 3,200 mAh battery.

Finally, a hand strap cradle at the back of the phone keeps the phone secure during sudden movements.

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