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New WhatsApp Update To Include Fingerprint Authentication

The new Whatsapp beta update for android will reportedly come with a fingerprint sensor. Although a welcome privacy feature, some worry about the necessity of this additional feature.

The new Whatsapp update offers a fingerprint lock for the app. But is it necessary? | Image via Whatsapp

The new Whatsapp update offers a fingerprint lock for the app. But is it necessary? | Image via Whatsapp

A new WhatsApp update with fingerprint authentication feature is coming. But, it’s only available for Android devices. Sorry, iOS.

With over 1.5 Billion monthly users, WhatsApp is easily the most popular messenger app on the planet.

Naturally, we’re not surprised. In addition to the status updates — along with high-quality video and voice calling features — the messenger also offers end to end encryption to protect chats. But, the company is showing its commitment to security and privacy by including a fingerprint authentication in its next update.

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WhatsApp Beta Fingerprint Authentication Feature

The fingerprint authentication option is currently available on WhatsApp beta for Android 2.19.3. Here’s how it works.

Under the Authentication tab, users can use the new biometric security option from the apps Privacy settings. After enabling the fingerprint, users can access their WhatsApp chats only after scanning their fingerprint.

Only on Android…

While this is a welcome development, the extra layer of security is only available on Android Marshmallow or higher. For iOS users, the fingerprint authentication update may not arrive any time soon.

Although some sources report that development of the biometric authentication is ongoing for iOS devices, it’ll take a while before it’s available to all users.

Since the iPhone X and later models don’t have touch ID, WhatsApp for iOS could sport a FaceID integration when released. Older devices that lack any form of biometric security will have to use the good old password or pin.

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