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EDGY Labs is dedicated to continual innovation as a trend forecaster and SEO incubator providing guidance and end-to-end Enterprise level SEO solutions for Fortune 500 brands. Using proprietary deep learning algorithms, a team of subject matter experts, and our SEO Editing platform, we work in tandem with digital marketers, agencies, and creatives to help increase relevant traffic and conversions by way of organic search. EDGY advises, analyzes, implements, and monitors cutting-edge rigorously tested SEO strategies that are proven to increase domain authority.



We envision a web where storytellers control their own organic search destiny.


Our mission is to empower writers to take SEO into their own hands.



Continuously improve every aspect of our work


Welcome challenges, identify a goal, and focus on being the best


Forward-looking mindset rooted in a passion for change


Bring a positive attitude to elevate yourself, others and our work



We were founded with a passion
for relentless innovation.

Edgy is an experiment in continuous innovation. It all began in 2016 as a response to Google’s constantly changing algorithms and shift toward intent-focused search criteria. Our idea: create an SEO laboratory in the form of a blog where we could learn how Google ranks content. With zero domain authority and precise code, we essentially started with a clean slate. After optimizing the site to be as fast as possible, we consistently added well-researched data-driven content and spent a year studying how Google was ranking it. We built a team of developers and writers to help us test search theory and create powerful deep learning algorithms aimed at writing better content. After only one year we were generating 100K organic views per month and catching the attention of a few Fortune 500 companies in the process. By working as their search partner, we learned a lot, pinpointed opportunity, and started to see very powerful potential in the universal algorithms we were building. We decided to reinvest our profits and begin building tools that all brands (large or small) can use to create content that ranks. Our mission: empower writers to take SEO into their own hands. This is phase two of our experiment.

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