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You can now Host Your Virtual Events on LinkedIn

Igor Y Eros /

Igor Y Eros /

As the coronavirus pandemic persists, many organizations have had change the way they bring professional communities together.

For example, Google launched its Webmaster Conference Lighting talks to replace in-person Webmaster conferences. Similarly, Apple’s 31st Worldwide Developers Conference will be a digital-only event, with no physical gathering.

But it’s not just the tech giants. In the coming months, more organizations will rely on virtual events to either build awareness with new audiences or strengthen their relationship with the older ones.

In its announcement, Head of Product at LinkedIn, Ajay Datta said:

“As the business world has moved from in-person conferences to virtual events, we recognized how important it was to equip you with the tools to bring your professional community together, online and at scale — in the safest way possible.”

That’s why the professional networking platform is integrating its LinkedIn Events and LinkedIn Live into a new virtual event solution for businesses.

Here’s why it’s useful.

Why Should You Host Your Virtual Events on LinkedIn?

According to the announcement, some of the benefits of hosting your virtual events on LinkedIn include:

1. A Safe and Trusted Environment to Host Virtual Events

LinkedIn Live allows you choose to live stream to either your Page followers or Event attendees. That way, you can meet your audience where they are.

2. Great Longevity

Users can save live broadcasts in the page’s Video tab for later viewing.

3. Attract the Right Professional Audience

Hosts can easily share events with Page followers or send direct invitations to their first-degree profile connections.

4. Additional Buzz and Engagement

LinkedIn allows you drive more buzz and engagement for your event or live broadcast. For example, you can post an update to your Page or Event feed and recommend key posts for attendees.

Hosting Virtual Events on LinkedIn

To create virtual events on LinkedIn, you must first apply for access to LinkedIn Live and receive approval.

Note that LinkedIn only approves pages with at least 1,000 followers. Also, the page must actively engage with their communities. This include responding to comments as well as creating back-and-forth dialogue.

Upon approval for LinkedIn Live, the process of creating a virtual event is as follows:

First, create LinkedIn Event. During the creation process, indicate that the event is “Online-Only“. Then on the event’s day, select the event as the stream destination using a third party broadcast tool.

Examples of broadcast tools that currently integrate with LinkedIn Live and Events include Streamyard, Wirecast, Socialive, and Restream. Attendees will be notified as soon as the stream begins.

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    Tushar Kumar gade November 26 at 1:05 pm GMT

    Hey, Author.
    Thanks, for telling us about how to host a virtual event on LinkedIn social media platform.
    Using LinkedIn for the virtual meeting is the best option for managers & employees to interact.

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