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3 Content Marketing Musts Your Company Should be Using

We harp on marketing with online content because we know it works, hence our short list of content marketing musts your company should be using.

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Content marketing continues to prove useful for all businesses. Edgy Labs gives you our 3 musts for every content marketing strategy.

A lot of business owners know the importance of content marketing in promoting their products or services these days. A whopping 92% of B2B companies are using content marketing as part of their overall marketing strategy.

Out of this number, 67% do not have a content marketing strategy. This has led them to achieve a minimal and in some cases no successes in their content marketing efforts.

In contrast, the few that do have a content strategy have actually had higher levels of success.

It’s very important you have a plan. Your plan can include different tactics. However, we strongly advise having these 3 strategies as part of your content marketing plan.

Here are the 3 Content Marketing Musts for Your Business:

1. Amplify Your Social Media Efforts

You’ve probably heard this a lot and that is because it’s important. Social media still remains the best medium for content marketing. People are constantly checking their timelines for the latest content. You must work hard to constantly appear on the timelines of your customers.

To amplify your social media marketing efforts, you must take a few things into consideration:

First, depending on the type of business, not every social media platform will be great for you. Choose the right ones to gain the maximum impact from your efforts. Facebook, however, remains the biggest source of referral traffic for content marketers.

We’ve already covered The 10 Best Social Media Campaign Strategies for Small Business. Use this as a starting point to constantly create engaging content for your social media channels.

Additionally, you must employ great tools. There are several tools out there that allow you to manage your social media channels and campaigns with ease. It’s not efficient to hop from one social media profile to another. A tool like Hootsuite allows you to syndicate all your social media channels into one dashboard.

Besides management, it is equally important to dive into the data of your campaigns. We’ve also covered 5 More Social Media Analytics Tools to maximize engagement. These tools will assist you to find out which campaigns perform best and what’s responsible for the great performance.

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2. Create Video Content

CISCO’s VNI Forecasts that video traffic will make up 82% of consumer internet traffic by 2021. Facebook has also announced that it’s gearing towards a “video first” platform. For this reason, the social media giant has actually started giving preference to video content. Videos currently receive 135% more organic reach on Facebook than text, images, and links.

Instagram and all other social media platforms are also focusing more on video content which is why your business needs to start creating video content. Compared to other forms of content, videos actually have higher engagement.

Most small businesses see video content production as expensive and have long avoided it. However, there are ways to create videos without blowing your bank.

Another good news about creating video content is that you don’t even have to brainstorm new ideas. You can actually repurpose your existing written content into videos. We’ve written a detailed piece on how to do this.

3. Maintain Your Blog

Don’t kill your blog just yet. We’re still in 2017 which means written content is still as important as videos will be in 2021. This means your blog still forms part of the basis of your content marketing strategy.

Secondly, the best and most self-sustaining traffic which is organic traffic from search engines takes written content into consideration first. You must keep creating high-quality content to rank higher in search engines.

Lastly, you can host your video content on your blog as well. Almost all social media platforms offer a way to embed content on blogs. Take advantage of this feature to host your videos on both social media and your own blog.

Did we leave out anything? Help us improve our index of strategies, fellow content marketers!

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