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About Edgy

We’re relentless innovators. We’re trend forecasters. We’re an SEO incubator. Using proprietary deep learning algorithms, a team of subject matter experts, and our SEO Editing platform, we work in tandem with digital marketers, agencies, and creatives to make everyone’s work as visible as possible. We constantly develop and test on ourselves cutting-edge methods to increase relevant traffic and conversions by way of organic search. Then, we design end-to-end Enterprise level SEO solutions for Fortune 500 brands. EDGY advises, analyzes, implements, and monitors cutting-edge and rigorously tested SEO strategies that are proven to increase your authority.


A web where storytellers control their own organic search destiny.


To empower writers to take SEO into their own hands.



Continuously improve every aspect of our work.


Welcome challenges, identify a goal and focus on being the best.


Forward-looking mindset rooted in a passion for change.


Bring a positive attitude to elevate ourselves, others and our work.

History (Us Making It)

Edgy is an experiment in continuous innovation.

It all began in 2016 as a response to Google’s constantly changing algorithms and shift toward intent-focused search criteria.

Our idea: create an SEO laboratory in the form of a blog where we could learn how Google ranks content. With zero domain authority and precise code, we essentially started with a clean slate. After optimizing the site to be as fast as possible, we consistently added well-researched, data-driven content and spent a year studying how Google was ranking it. We built a team of expert developers and writers to help test our search theory and create powerful deep learning algorithms aimed at writing the best content.

After just one year, we were generating 100K organic views per month. We also caught the attention of a few Fortune 500 companies in the process. As their search partner, we learned more about agency-level content creation and refined our skills in ranking pinpointing opportunities. We also started to see the extremely powerful potential in the universal algorithms we’re building.

We decided to reinvest our profits into building tools that all brands (large and small) can use to create content that ranks.

EDGY Enterprise SEO

SEO Trends + Actionable Insights

Our forecasting and monitoring arm continually advance knowledge of the ever-evolving SEO and content marketing landscapes. We are dedicated to keeping our clients informed on big changes and rising trends to help brands stay ahead of the competition and stay relevant.

_ Client Education & Reporting

_ Incubation and Testing of Methods to Respond to Industry Innovation

_ SEO Trend Monitoring

_ Monitoring of Existing Digital Properties & Assets

Edgy Content Strategies

We identify prime ranking opportunities for your niche. We also conduct a technical audit to identify any technical improvement opportunities. Then, we engineer a strategy to help you conquer the best opportunity to make your brand as visible as possible.

_ Strategic Content Recommendations

_ Mobile Optimization Strategies

_ Technical Error Reporting & Corrections

_ Site Speed Optimization

_ SEO emphasized UX/U

The Full EDGY Treatment

The full expression of trend forecasting and forward-thinking SEO strategy. We go all out designing and implementing Mars-shot strategies that help our clients dominate their competition.

_ Content Gap Analysis

_ Large-scale Localization Strategies

SEO Technologies


Our platform is putting the power of search engine optimization in the hands of the creator. The EDGY platform provides a way for writers to connect with their audience on the Internet through guided, do-it-yourself SEO.

EDGY_ INK brings the agency and in-house digital content strategies of mid-market brands to life. Our editor does this through real-time competitive intelligence that helps writers optimize content prior to publishing it online without compromising their writing style.

Our technology combines proprietary deep learning algorithms and a content scoring system born out of Google’s recent shift toward natural language, speed, and intent-focused search criteria.

Our Team

Alexander De Ridder
Alexander De Ridder Chief Technical Officer

Alexander crafts magical tools for web marketing. He is a smart creative, a builder of amazing things. He loves to study “how” and “why” humans and AI make decisions.

Michael Umansky
Michael Umansky Chief Executive Officer

As an experienced entrepreneur, Michael is driven to achieve operational excellence. He is passionate about getting ahead of the curve and helping others achieve the same.

Gary Haymann
Gary Haymann Chief Revenue Officer

Gary is a passionate leader with a proven track record of opening multiple markets across the country. He excels at building valuable and lasting relationships.

Jonathan Stefanczyk
Jonathan Stefanczyk Senior Technical Lead

Jonathan possesses a rare combination of technical, analytical and creative skills, which combined with decades of experience, make him an innovative and effective leader.

Krista Grace Morris
Krista Grace Morris Chief Content Officer

Krista understands the science of content optimization for search performance, engagement, and conversion. Efficient and professional, she loves building systems and hates entropy.

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