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3 Incredible Examples of WebVR With Firefox

Nowadays, you don't necessarily need a VR headset to enjoy a virtual experience. Check out the 3 best WebVR experiences from Firefox!

HQuality |

HQuality |

A good API can streamline processes and ease potential user headaches.

Developers have applied this tactic to WebVR utilizing a Javascript API to provide support for VR ready devices such as the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. Mozilla Firefox has emerged as one of many early adopters of this technology with A-Frame.

So what are some of the BEST examples of WebVR in Firefox?

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Saturday Night Plans With Firefox

A-Saturday Night | Mozilla Hacks | Mozilla

Many people spend their weekends playing video games–which is all fine and good.

Yet, now you can up your game with A-Saturday Night. This WebVR experience from Firefox lets you record your sweet dance moves for all to experience. Conversely, it can also showcase just how many left feet you might have. For non-dancers, A-Blast might be up your alley.

A-Blast | Mozilla

A similar warning to the Whimsyshire level of Diablo: don’t let those innocent faces fool you. The enemies in A-Blast on a murder spree with your in their crosshairs! Take aim with dual lasers and shoot for the highest score.

A More Surrealist Experience with WebVR

A-Painter | Mozilla

For those looking for a more peaceful WebVR experience, Firefox has a stellar option for those artistically inclined users. A-Painter lets users paint in real time from their browser. Despite this seeming like a constraint, it operates as a native VR app for any VR ready device like the HTC Vive would!

Honorable Mentions

A-Frame | Mozilla

First honorable mention goes to the ambient Puzzlerain experience. You can operate in normal or spectator mode, taking a musical journey on your HTC Vive.

The Google Creative Lab also got in on the action, creating “The Musical Forest”, available on Oculus, Vive, Cardboard for Android, and Google Daydream. Want in on the VR creative action?

Utilize A-Frame to build your own unique experience! Mozilla made this open source project as a tool for everyone to easily craft powerful VR experiences.

What VR experience would you create?

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