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Impact of Adding Keywords in Google My Business Description

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There’s always being a question of whether keywords can impact visibility in local search results. But, a recent update has finally put the debate to rest.

Google now encourages business owners to include relevant keywords in their Google My Business (GMB) descriptions. In other words, the search engine giant is saying that you should include the words that potential customers would use to find your business.

You’ll find the new suggestion on the “Describe your Business(es)” section in the “Improve your local ranking on Google” page of the GMB.

The section reads:

“Enter unique and valuable information that describes your business. The more unique your business name and description are, the easier your customers will find you. A well-organized and clear business profile may provide a better experience for customers, and make it easier for them to find you.”

A potential customer in Dublin, California, could easily find a NY pizza restaurant listing on Google. But, the business owner must have used relevant keywords on its GMB page.

For example, the description could include “Harry’s NY Pizza in Dublin, CA,”  instead of only “Harry’s Pizza in CA.”

Use Keywords to Help People Find Your Business

The search engine company had more advice in the “Relevance” section of the page. Google says that your GMB description should contain as many signals as possible about your business.

[A]dding complete and detailed business information can help Google better understand your business and match your listing to relevant searches from customers.

The new section explicitly suggests that business owners should include relevant keywords within a GMB listing’s description. And this has settled the long-time debate.

However, experts caution that business names must remain consistent with their real-world branding. Using tactics like keyword spamming to manipulate rankings is a bad idea.

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