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Apple Watch is Getting a New Feature to Track Blood Glucose

fancycrave1 / Pixabay

fancycrave1 / Pixabay

Apple Watch is getting a new upgrade to track blood glucose level. No, we’re not talking about the upcoming Apple Watch Series 5, the feature is coming to your current smartwatch.

California-based company, Dexcom recently announced that its G6 glucose tracker would soon be able to send monitoring data to the Apple Watch. This is huge, especially for Apple Watch users with diabetes.

Dexcom, Inc develops, manufactures, and distributes glucose monitoring devices to manage diabetes.

Last year, the company released the Dexcom G6, an FDA permitted wearable for tracking blood glucose level. Unlike previous trackers, the G6 doesn’t require finger sticks or calibrations.

Instead, users simply have to install a small sensor beneath the skin to continuously measure glucose levels. Then, the sensor sends data to a wireless transmitter.

Currently, the Continuous Glucose Monitoring System sends the data to a smartphone. Users can see their glucose levels in real time and share with up to 10 followers.

There are also customizable alerts and alarms to notify the G6  tracker users when their glucose levels get too high or low.

Now the company is taking it further.

Dexcom CEO, Kevin Sayer recently announced that the system would undergo some upgrades that would allow diabetes patients to bypass their smartphones. That way, they can track their blood glucose levels using just their smartwatch.

The feature is coming to Apple Watch first.

Using The Apple Watch To Track Blood Glucose Levels

Apple Watch users with diabetes would no longer need their iPhone on hand to track their glucose levels.

It’s coming,” said Sayer about the new Apple Watch feature. “And this tool is great for people with diabetes,” he concluded.

In the past, Apple has stated its commitment to making the Apple Watch a versatile health device.

It currently has sensors to monitor heart rate, slips, workout sessions, and ECG. Also, a noise monitoring feature is expected to arrive with the WatchOS 6 update.

However, the Apple Watch still doesn’t have any in-built tech for people with diabetes.

While several rumors suggest that Apple may include this feature in the upcoming version of the smartwatch, there’s just no guarantee that it would arrive anytime soon.

Until then, people with diabetes would have to depend on a combination of the Dexcom G6 and their Apple Watch to monitor their glucose levels in real time.

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