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Australia Rolls Out Cell Phone Detection Cameras For a Safer Road

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On Sunday, the Australian state of New South Wales released a set of high-definition cell phone detection cameras to target illegal cellphone use.

Reports suggest that 329 people have died on New South Wales’ road in 2019. Similarly, 354 people were victims of road accidents in the previous year.

According to Reuters, the state has been exploring ways to cut the number of road fatalities by 30 percent by 2021. One of these ways includes rolling out cell phone detection cameras to catch drivers using their phones behind the wheel.

In a statement to the press, New South Wales’ minister for roads, Andrew Constance said:

“The NSW Government is serious about reducing our state’s road toll, and rolling out mobile phone detection cameras is another way we will do this.”

So, how will the new system work?

Using Cell Phone Detection Cameras to Curb Illegal Phone Use

Andrew Constance explained that the “world-first” technology would monitor illegal cellphone use via “fixed and mobile trailer-mounted cameras.”

The cameras will use artificial intelligence to review images and identify drivers using their phones behind the wheel. Then, authorized personnel will verify the image.

According to reports, the state intends to set up 45 cell phone detection over the next three years. Not only will the camera locations be unknown, but it could catch users without warning too.

For the first three months, the state would issue a warning letter to offending drivers, says Transport for NSW.

After that, the offenders may have to pay as much as $344. The fine increases to $457 in a school zone, including penalty points on their drivers’ license.

Transport for NSW reported:

“Some people have not got the message about using their phones legally and safely. If they think they can continue to put the safety of themselves, their passengers, and the community at risk without consequence, they are in for a rude shock.”

Officials stated that the tech passed the trial phase earlier in the year, catching over 100,000 drivers using their cellphones behind the wheel.

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