Here's Who's Making Space Mission Planning More Efficient

Hi Ben, you are absolutely right. The article will be changed to reflect that the Mars depot, power infrastructure, and fuel will be placed on the surface of Mars during the 2022 cargo mission. I confused the proposed cargo mission during my research. Thanks for pointing this out!

How Self-Driving Cars Could Eradicate the Traffic Jam Game

Hey Uolevi! After a shallow search, I couldn't find any traffic flow apps for soft transport, although I think that's a great idea. I did look at a few filters for various types of traffic through Google Maps, which can be found here. They're pretty useful and, in particular, the "appropriate/not appropriate" bike route map seems particularly useful. There is one way to use colored lines to delineate roads that are better for certain types of traffic.

Body Hacking, Buddhism, and Brainwaves: A Mindfulness Update

Hi Ted. Regarding our claim that Hinduism has a 2,500 year history, we were referring to the "Hindu synthesis" which began somewhere around 500 BCE. Obviously, the contributing cultures, ideas, and practices that went into what Hinduism became existed long before this time. Still, we wanted to point towards the time when a modern conception of the religion coalesced. Thank you for taking the time to give us some feedback. We'll do our best to bring you useful content in the future!

What Does a Lack of Diversity Mean for our Future of Technology?

Well said, Mike. As much as we'd like to encourage employers to consider female candidates, we also want to encourage women to engage with these fields. Hopefully, somewhere in between those two things, we'll see even more diversity than you've already recognized. If there's even one person who feels unable to engage in a STEM career because of their gender or ethnicity, we want to make sure they feel empowered to do just that. Like you said, it truly is a time of opportunity!

4 More Social Media Analytics Tools to Maximize Engagement

Thanks for sharing, Clara! We'll definitely take a look at Iconosquare and Snoopreport. You can never have too many Instagram analytics tools. We're also very glad you find these tool recommendations useful. Have a great midweek!

Seoul's Example is a Cure for car Addiction

Hi nimbe3. None of us here at Edgy Labs are based in Seoul, and your perspective is definitely one that needs to be considered! While we were reporting on news as dispersed by other major outlets and local city officials, we did not reach out to locals such as yourself and Google can only tell us so much. We want to reflect reality as accurately as possible and we were unable to do that this time. For future articles about Seoul, are there any outlets you trust to give a fair depiction that you wouldn't mind sharing with us? Going further, if you're interested in writing something related to how Seoul is integrating tech into its culture or infrastructure, we'd be glad to consider it for a guest post on our blog. We apologize for misrepresenting the state of Seoul's motor vehicle infrastructure as you see it.

Life Didn't Begin on Earth--it was Transported Here by Space Dust

We apologize for insulting your intellect. We put this firmly in the "Eye on Sci-Fi" category because while there are elements of biological study in this article, the assertion that life came to Earth in the form of space dust is impossible to prove. Of course, as you point out, where that life began would still have to be established. Instead, we focused on the Berera quote: “The streaming of fast space dust is found throughout planetary systems and could be a common factor in proliferating life.” Our hope was to pose a skin-deep consideration of space dust as a possible origination of life on Earth.

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