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Rechelle Ann Fuertes

Rechelle is the Managing Editor of the EDGY blog. She's an experienced SEO content writer, researcher, social media manager, and visual artist. She enjoys traveling and spending time anywhere near the sea with her family and friends.

How do I Learn Quantum Computing?

Hello Aless, Thank you for reaching out! We've checked the link to the IBM Q Experience on our post and it's working. Please try clearing your cache then refresh the page. Have a great day! Rechelle

Top SEO Trends to Watch out for in 2020

Hello Gangadhar! Thank you for the feedback. Hope you found some valuable information from this article. Feel free to explore Edgy for more interesting topics and marketing insights! Rechelle

DNA Study Pioneer James Watson Stripped of Honors Over Racist Views

Last year, CERN suspended one of its senior scientists, Alessandro Strumia, due to a presentation where he claimed that men were being discrimated against because of ideology. Sexism, racism, discrimination, unconscious bias are social problems which are unfortunately present in every institution of our society.

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