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Bluetooth 5.0 is Here and Offers Huge Upgrades

Panchenko Vladimir |

Panchenko Vladimir |

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) is now announcing that Bluetooth 5 is going to be seen in the market in “two to six months.” This is the first Bluetooth 5 news since June, and the SIG is reporting a huge improvement over the last version. Bluetooth 5 is supposed to be the glue that holds the newest version of the IoT together.

The advancements provided by Bluetooth 5.0 technology have brought modern society a form of low-power transmission which has enabled many devices to communicate with one another through wireless means. With the advent of the Internet of Things (IoT), the interaction between devices is critical to creating a convenient web of user control. Technologies like Bluetooth enable devices and their manufacturers to thrive and improve.

Therefore, when tech like Bluetooth gets a major upgrade, the excitement in the tech community can’t be understated.

The new Bluetooth

The new and improved Bluetooth 5.0 will come with a multitude of enhanced features.

Bluetooth 5 transmits information twice as fast as 4.2, clocking in at 2mbps. Transmission range also increases from 100m to around 400m. The new version also boasts an impressive eightfold increase in broadcasting message capacity. Furthermore, these features are designed to be versatile, so developers will be able to tweak the range, speed, and security to their specific needs.

With Bluetooth 5, SIG plans to power the Internet of ThingsClick To Tweet. Bluetooth technology is already used in devices found in mobile gadgets, offices, and homes across the world.

What Bluetooth 5.0 Means for the IoT

Over 10 billion devices use Bluetooth, according to SIG, and with four times the range those devices are going to have a huge boost in utility. For example, the increased speed and range will make Bluetooth audio capable of covering an entire building or even an outdoor area. Security tags that rely on Bluetooth for location purposes will have their transmitting range expanded to something more akin to a football field, so good luck losing a tagged device.

Additionally, this is going to create new uses for Bluetooth in environments where it was not practical to use. Aside from the aforementioned outdoor area, industrial companies will find plenty of use for the new tech due to the ability to adjust the speed or range as needed.

“According to ABI Research, there will be 48 billion Internet-enabled devices by 2021″

The new version has the potential to create exciting new opportunities for companies to tap into the IoT market. According to ABI Research, there will be 48 billion Internet-enabled devices by 2021, and nearly a third of them will utilize Bluetooth. With so many devices using Bluetooth, SIG is providing a new set of tools to create multiple new applications.

All in all, Bluetooth 5.0 will likely be the new platform for a whole host of innovative solutions for companies and manufacturers looking to use the IoT to their advantage.

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