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Bluetooth 5.1 Update Gives Devices Hyper-Accurate Location Feature

This new bluetooth update could have revolutionary new features. | Image By Media Whalestock |

This new bluetooth update could have revolutionary new features. | Image By Media Whalestock |

Bluetooth technology has evolved considerably since it was first announced in 1998.

We’re already using the technology to find our misplaced phones, and the accuracy is relatively decent too. Now we’re taking it to the next level with short-range radio tech which tracks the direction and location down to the centimeter.

Sounds almost unbelievable, right?

Recently, The Bluetooth Special Interest Group announced a new feature that is being added to the core of Bluetooth v5.1. The group described the location-feature that allows you to track the direction a Bluetooth device is headed with the highest accuracy possible.

How does it work?

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How the Short Range Radio Tech Works

To fully grasp how this new tech works you need a basic understanding of the current Bluetooth location feature functions.

The current location features depend on either proximity or positioning. With proximity, users can recognize when they’re near each other or other Bluetooth devices. This is often used for personal property tags.

The positioning feature uses a real-time locating system to find the precise whereabouts of specific items. Whether it’s indoor positioning or asset tracking, it’s accuracy is down to meters.

The new direction-finding feature not only merges the proximity and positioning function but it also improved it by a hundredfold too.

With the merger, you’ll know where devices are as well as where they are headed at a centimeter-level accuracy. How is this useful?

According to the Bluetooth SIG, location services are one of the fastest growing aspects of wireless technology. Reports reveal that about 440 devices across different industries are expected to come out this year.

Also, consumers can enjoy a more comfortable indoor navigation. For example, when wandering through a shopping mall, you’ll know exactly where you are and how to get to where you should be.

Misplaced your car keys under the couch? The technology will tell you where it is and what side of the sofa to check too.

While the direction-finding feature is now officially part of Bluetooth 5.1, the SIG didn’t provide a timeline to suggest when businesses and consumers can access it.

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