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The Business Listings Consumers Searched For in 2019

Lori Butcher /

Lori Butcher /

A new study from Search Experience Cloud company, Yext, Inc., shows when consumers interacted with business listings on search in 2019.

According to the research, consumers’ interaction with business listings increased in 2019. Actions like clicks to call businesses and driving direction clicks, among others, grew by 17 percent this year.

The report also suggests that consumer actions in search grew faster than search impressions of business listings over the year. That indicates that customers are finding what they want faster than before.

Between the search engines’ improved understanding of queries and searchers getting better at using keywords, consumers now spend less time searching. Instead, they engage more with businesses.

Also, reviews are on the rise. Not only are consumers leaving more reviews, but companies are starting to recognize its importance too.

In 2019, review count per business location grew by 27 percent. Similarly, businesses responded to reviews 47 percent more than they did in the previous year.

In a statement, senior director of Insights and Analytics at Yext, Zahid Zakaria said:

“Some industries are naturally more popular with consumers during certain seasons, but the need for businesses in every category to be in control of their facts online stays important year-round.”

With that said, the researchers analyzed when consumers in the U.S. clicked online listings for various businesses in 2019.

Which Business Listings Were Consumers Looking For Throughout the Year?

For the study, the researchers collected samples from over 400,000 business locations in the United States and across several industries. These include retail, financial services, healthcare, food, among others.

Here’s the takeaway.

1. January Was For Good Health

In January, the New Year resolution was fresh in the consumer’s mind, and some of it involved living healthy. Unfortunately, the cold and flu season was also at its peak during this period.

As a result, healthcare organizations experienced a 17 percent increase in clicks to their online listings, compared with the previous month, says the study.

January Good Health business listings
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2. February Taxes

According to the report, searchers were not only looking to make money in February and March, but they wanted to save more too. Also, the tax season is underway, with consumers engaging with financial institutions 11 percent more than the annual average.

3. March for Open House

By March, searchers’ attention had moved to find real estate agencies.

Listings experienced an average of 22 percent increase in clicks from February to May. This finding complements previous studies, which suggested that spring is a big season for house selling and hunting.

4. Phone Upgrade Buzz Dies in April

By April, consumers’ excitement about buying the latest smartphone in the fall began to subside.

Accordingly, clicks to phone carriers and telecom provider listings in search reduced too. Searchers looked for carriers 14 percent less than they did in the previous month.

Julia Tim /

5. May Flowers and Horsepower

The report suggests that consumers took advantage of Memorial Day sales in May to revamp their vehicles. As such, the clicks in automotive service search listings increased by 18 percent, compared with the annual average.

6. Fun in the Sun from June to July

During the summer, recreation and entertainment listings online enjoyed an uptick in consumer’s interest. These include theaters, nightlife, sports venues, among others.

Recreation and entertainment reached a 35 percent increase in July, compared with the annual average. Also, hotel listings jumped to 20 percent above the yearly average during this period.

7. Back to School in August

As summer ends, parents started to stock up clothes, gadgets, and other school supplies. Also, they needed to get their vehicle in shape for morning drop-off lines in schools.

For these reasons, educational and automotive services became the search trend in August.

Clicks to listings like tutors and libraries increased by 18 percent. Similarly, automotive listings in 2019 reached 21 percent above the annual average.

Back to school business listings
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8. Back to Old Habits in September

By September, vacations are over, and everyone has returned to their work or school routine.

As a result, clicks to recreation and entertainment listings fall 18 percent below the annual average. The number dips even lower to 25 percent in November.

9. Hit the Books in October

In October, the school year took off, and grades become a severe concern. This results in an increased search for tutors and other educational services.

According to the Yext report, clicks to listings in the education category increased by almost 10 percent in October, relative to the previous month.

10. Home Cooked Meals in November

Clicks on restaurant listings dropped by 13 percent in November. The study suggests that since it’s the month of thanksgiving, consumers ate in more.

11. December & January, the Season of Giving

Revelers celebrate the holidays at home with their families. And this results in a 26 percent drop below average in the number of clicks to hotel listings.

Also, Americans are shop during this period, driving clicks to retail listings to over 11 percent above the annual average. However, when the holiday shopping ends in January, the clicks should drop by an average of almost 25 percent from January.

Season of giving business listings
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