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Canadian Scientists Develop the World's First Cannabis Beer

Roxana Gonzalez /

Roxana Gonzalez /

Following Canada’s legalization of marijuana for recreational use, researchers have brewed cannabis beer for the first time.

Yes, you read that right – brewed cannabis beer is finally here.

Canadian scientists have reportedly brewed the alcoholic beverage from the marijuana plant itself. To date, most cannabis beers available on the market are made from barley and then infused with marijuana oil.

“That’s not what we do. Our beer is brewed from the stalks, stem, and roots of the cannabis plant,” Dooma Wendschuh, CEO and co-founder of the Toronto-based startup behind the beer Province Brands, said.

Province Brands’ process involves replacing the commonly used barley with cannabis, producing a gluten-free non-alcoholic beverage that can give a person a bit of buzz. The company’s scientists have made several attempts to perfect the drink, with one failed trial resulting in a liquid concoction that reportedly tasted like rotten broccoli.

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According to the researchers, their new formula is now “dry, savory, less sweet than a typical beer flavor.” However, any person taking the drink could be easily hit by the psychoactive effects of the tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC.

The Canadian scientists said that their goal is to make a beer out of cannabis that would have the same intoxicating effect as a single alcoholic one.

“The idea came from thinking, can we create something that can serve the role that alcohol serves in our society, and can we do that using this monumental sea change that is happening in our world right now?” Wendschuh further said.

“I don’t think there was anywhere else in the world where we could do this business. Canada is already leading the world in creating an industry around medical cannabis, and we expect them to continue to lead the world in trading and industry around adult-use cannabis.”

The formula of the cannabis bear will be the key to establishing the so-called $50 million Candian dollar facility Province Brands is planning to build in the country. It will be the first cannabis brewery in the world if things go as planned.

Will you drink cannabis beer? Why or why not?

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