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CES 2020 Updates: Google and Facebook Announcements

Piotr Swat /

Piotr Swat /

It’s Wednesday and startups are busy preparing for the Eureka Park‘s Pitch Competitions scheduled today. But, while you’re waiting for the outcome of the startup competitions, here are some CES 2020 updates for you.

Day 2 CES 2020 Updates

Google Announcements

Google doubles down on getting its Google Assistant everywhere. On Tuesday, the Silicon Valley tech giant announced some new features for its voice assistant.

The Google Assistant will now be equipped with a Scheduled Actions feature that will allow users to program specific tasks. For instance, if you have a smart coffee maker, you can now use the Assistant to schedule its brewing time.

The Google Nest Hub will also have a voice-activated Sticky Notes feature that users can use to create reminders and to-do lists. For added convenience, Nest Hub users don’t have to sign in to access their sticky notes.

Google also introduced a new feature that will allow a user to share phone contacts with family members. Usually, the Assistant only follows call commands if it recognizes the voice.

Not anymore. If the contact is included in the shared contacts feature, any household member can call them through Assistant.

Google also announced that it’s giving Assistant users more control over their privacy. For example, a user can say, “Hey Google, it was not for you” to tell the voice assistant to disregard what it heard when activated accidentally.

Additionally, if users want to know more about their privacy settings, they can say, “Hey Google, are you saving my audio data?”

Google also noted that it’s expanding its partnership with smart television makers. It’s currently working with Samsung to bring the Assistant to the latter’s upcoming lineup of voice-enables televisions.

Facebook Announcements

Facebook wants to make its social media platform more secure. In its CES announcement, the social networking company said that it’s launching a new version of its Privacy Checkup tool.

According to the company, the new Privacy Checkup tool will enable FB users to further control who can see what they share, boost their account security, and manage how their information will be used.

Before the update, the Privacy Checkup tool only shows users who can see their posts, profile information, and what apps are connected to their accounts.

Facebook is also currently working with Intel in developing an AI chip that could perform tasks like tagging friends in Facebook photos automatically.

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