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Create Immersive VR Content using Adobe with Project CloverVR

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Adobe has updated its Premiere Pro video editing software by integrating CloverVR, a tool that enables editing immersive media within Premiere while wearing VR headset.

Video is perhaps now the most popular type of online media–read here to see how Facebook is gearing towards video first. Across all social networks and video platforms, more and more users are watching and sharing increasing amounts of video content every day.

In other traditional video markets like film and television, models are getting disrupted by over-the-top-content (OTT) which is, in turn, driven by the evolution of the audiences’ tastes.

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Because VR touches upon all aspects of creation, from image, sound, and narration, to emotions and sensations, it helps professionals create compelling content, and allow users to get into immersive experiments they couldn’t have experienced otherwise.

Instead of focusing on a “wow VR effect” for customers, Adobe is targeting professionals, providing VR content editing tools.

Adobe’s VR Tech and Agenda

The software publisher behind Photoshop has come a long way since its first days of developing rudimentary image editing programs.

With the emergence of VR and 360 ° video that quickly became popular, Adobe wanted to position itself as an end-to-end workflow provider for creators, international brands, and media and entertainment companies.

Last summer, Adobe revealed this intention by the announcement of its acquisition of Mettle’s SkyBox Suite, a worldwide developer of 360/VR software.

Mettle’s plug-ins are used by prestigious tech companies, TV channels, and newspapers, such Apple, Facebook, Google, The New York Times, CNN, HBO, YouTube, Discovery VR, DreamWorks TV, and National Geographic.

At the NAB 2016, Adobe presented an update to the Creative Cloud, including the integration of Mettle’s Skybox tech.

At that time, it was announced that complete 360/VR production workflows would available by the end of the year to subscribers to the full Creative Cloud and customers of Adobe’s tools for editing multimedia files (Premiere Pro CC and After Effects CC).

CloverVR to Edit 360/VR Content Within Adobe’s Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere is a tool used by ordinary users as well as professionals to edit videos. However, Adobe didn’t allow VR video editing in this program. This problem was addressed at the Adobe MAX 2017 (Oct 18th to the 20th, Las Vegas, Nevada).

Last year, at the “Sneak peek session” of its MAX conference held in San Diego, Adobe demonstrated 11 experimental technologies. One among these teasers was a VR interface called Project CloverVR, and it got the chance to be released in Premiere Pro as part of last week’s Creative Cloud release.

Usually, creators use editing software that was designed to work with conventional display screens which make correct image rendering difficult. It’s also time consuming as they have to put a headset on and off to make changes and preview them. With CloverVR, that’s not the case anymore.

As a video editor for Adobe Premiere Pro, CloverVR improves the workflow and makes the editing process more practical and less tedious, allowing users to work on 360 video content and immersive media directly wearing a VR headset.

Check this demo video of CloverVR from Adobe MAX 2016. Back then, CloverVR was still under development.

Are you a VR developer? Why would you or wouldn’t you use CloverVR?

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