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Edgy Labs Prediction: Meet Andy, the Google AI

Asif Islam |

Asif Islam |

We’ve got a prediction for you. An AI named Andy will soon be your closest friend.

One day soon, Google will announce the culmination of its entire AI research, development, and investment.

“Yeah, but, Google Assistant . . .” you begin to say.

Google might be sold on that for now, but admit it. Saying “Google Assistant” and “Ok, Google” is boring.

This advanced deep learning neural network will be responsible for executing and managing much of Google’s worldwide network. It will be the face of everything from self-driving cars to full-fledged VI assistants that can keep track of your routine and help you manage your life.

Google taking AI and applying it as a steward for the coming Internet of Things is not exactly a premonition if you’ve been tracking the pulse of technology. However, this is:

The Google AI will be named Andy.

The Google AI metaplatform will be named Andy.Click To Tweet

So when you’re teaching the Google AI how to doodle or how to run fun new experiments, just know that you’re hanging out with Andy. Or at least, you will be.

How do we Know?

Let’s start with the Andys that we know Google loves.

Andy Rubin

Rubin is the father of Android, the main mobile OS competitor to respond to Apple’s iOS after the iPhone exploded onto the market in 2007.

Google acquired Android in 2005 and made Rubin Senior Vice President of Mobile and Digital Content until 2013, during which time he oversaw the development of Android and multiple other projects.

Rubin and Google helped build each other’s fortunes before Rubin left in 2014 to start Playground Global. We can’t know, but given what they accomplished together, Google must have a soft spot for this Andy.

Andrew Ng

It’s incredible to find so many Andys that have changed the world for the better under one roof.

Andrew Ng is a Chinese American computer scientist that, until this year, led the Artificial Intelligence Group at Baidu. See? Andy and AI go hand in hand.

Andrew Ng worked at Google from 2011 to 2012, creating and developing the Google Brain Deep Learning Project. We assume this means that he left a lasting impression upon the Google AI.

Andy Welcomes you to Gmail

Ever notice that when you made your Gmail address you received a welcome email from Very curious, we think.

andrew ng
Yuki Sun | Microsoft Contingent Staff |

Andy, if it were truly Google’s AI overlord, would manage just about everything under the Google umbrella, making this Google AI a metaplatform of sorts. AI systems as complex as this will probably need expansive deep learning experiences. In other words, this AI would need a foundation spanning the wealth of humanity’s data to work from.

How better to begin creating that infrastructure than by having the system manage Gmail? As we mentioned earlier, we are already experimenting with Google AI systems, giving it a wealth of data to learn from.

Signs That We’re Wrong

Google Assistant Doesn’t Offend

Earlier we linked to a The Verge article where Google representatives mentioned that they enjoyed the ‘Google Assistant’ moniker because it is genderless and inclusive.

In a tech world where misogyny is allegedly pervasive (see Uber and yet-to-be-released Magic Leap), Google may be ensuring that they do not fall victim to the same errors.

The Andy AI not Affiliated With Google AI

Available on the Google Play store are a few apps that might throw a wrench into our prediction.

ANDY Voice Assistant

By ETX Software Inc., “ANDY is an intelligent personal assistant, knowledge navigator and voice control software designed for Android devices (phones/tablets) with the fast growing user base (hundreds of thousands users & almost 50 thousand paying customers).”

And, as ETX mentions, they are in no way affiliated with Google, Inc. So, you might guess that Google would have to pay these guys off if they wanted to secure the “Andy” name for their AI system.

Andy the English Speaking Bot

By ZTO labs, Andy is an English speaking bot that can help you learn and practice English by giving you an AI to converse with. Despite not strictly being a multifaceted AI assistant, and also not affiliated with Google Inc., Andy the English speaking bot could also dissuade Google from adopting a name with so many AI iterations–especially when they are available via the Google Play store.

Hate to say I Told you so

We’ve given you a few good reasons to speculate over the name of the Google AI–if it will indeed be changed from Google Assistant.

Andrew Ng and Andy Rubin were incredible Andys that helped Google become what it is today. Why wouldn’t they want to honor the spirit of Andy?

So, what do you think the chances are that we’re right? 

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  1. Alexander De Ridder June 30 at 2:16 pm GMT

    Great article Brett!

    I would love it if Google named its assistant Andy! I hate saying Okay Google.

    • Stephanie D'Adamo June 30 at 4:58 pm GMT

      Same here! Plus, it would be nice to have a male AI offering. Not sure what it says about companies that are focused on only having digital assistants that are women :/

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