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Elon Musk Mars Plan Might Just Revolutionize Humanity

Elon Musk | Kathy Hutchins |

Elon Musk | Kathy Hutchins |

Edgy Labs covers the five-tier Elon Musk plan that’s well on its way to reshaping not only the modern industry but humanity itself.

Elon Musk made headlines over the weekend with not one, but two Falcon 9 launches. The success of Bulgaria Sat-1 and Iridium-2 has SpaceX and Musk more confident than ever that this new tech will quickly become central to the industry.

For now, SpaceX is focusing on their “contract to ferry 81 of Iridium Next satellites using eight Falcon 9 launches (the first of which took place in January)”, says Zing.

However, SpaceX is merely one aspect of the Elon Musk plan. In fact, as the 21st most powerful person on the planet, Musk has four other primary interests he’s investing in: Tesla, tunnels, Mars, and stable incomes–with a few more on the periphery.

This plan benefits Earth but could also be called the Elon Musk Mars Plan, as all of the other facets of Musk’s technological revolution would serve to build ethos for a mission as fantastical as colonizing Mars.

Elon Musk Plan Phase 1: Tesla Streaming Service

In a recent Recode article, music industry sources say Tesla has been talking with major labels about “licensing a proprietary music service”.

There’s no word yet on if this service would be limited to Tesla cars or if Elon Musk plans on competing with Spotify and iTunes.

The Elon Musk Plan will put Internet and music in the air, and humans on Mars.Click To Tweet

But, if his desire to create 5G worldwide satellite WiFi is still on the table, this tandem could potentially bring Internet access and the majesty of music to every corner of the planet

Elon Musk Plan Phase 2: Traffic-Defying Tunnels and the Hyperloop Train

Musk has been toying with the concept of an infrastructure based on tunnels for quite some time, but finally took some serious steps toward this goal in 2016.

Musk has received some backlash for taking on such a large project, but he insists, “it is obvious that [building] down will encompass the needs of any city’s transport.”

In fact, the Mayor of Los Angeles Eric Garcetti appears open to the idea as he continues “promising” talks with Musk, says Nick Lavars of New Atlas.

The eventual construction of a Hyperloop train, though not an effort of Musk himself, would be a development for which he could claim some credit. After all, it was Musk who “gave” the idea to Hyperloop One and some of the other companies looking to create the low-energy, high-speed train transportation system of the future.

Elon Musk Mars Plan Phase 3: Finally Reaching Mars

Musk started SpaceX in 2002 with the ultimate goal of facilitating Mars colonization.

Although many (including Neil Degrasse Tyson) have voiced skepticisms, last week Bloomberg voiced their support for SpaceX.

SpaceX and Musk have achieved “tangible progress in developing reusable rockets and boosters, an essential part of the Mars project,” said reporters.

Edgy Labs continues to believe that the Elon Musk Mars plan approach of collaboration and pooling resources will be what helps humanity finally colonize Mars.

Elon Musk Plan Phase 4: Universal Basic Income

What if you could work on what you were passionate about, rather than worrying about a paycheck? That might just be in store for citizens worldwide.

“There’s a pretty good chance we end up with a universal basic income, or something [similar], due to automation,” Musk told CNBC.

He isn’t the only one pushing for a leveler economic playing field, however. Musk is supported in this vision by Pierre Omidyar–founder of eBay, Sam Altman – President of Y Combinator, and Mark Zuckerberg–co-founder and CEO of Facebook.

Elon Musk Plan Phase 5: Linking Brains to Computers

In an extensive interview with Wait But Why, Musk shared that his company Neuralink hopes to repair severe brain injuries (including damage from cancer) with the help of micron-sized devices.

Although fusing man and machine might sound like science fiction, Musk argues that AI and machine learning will create computers so complex humans will need to implant “neural laces” in their brains to keep up.

For us, the Elon Musk Mars plan is the most compelling. Which of his goals seems the most enticing to you? Which seems the most likely to succeed? To fail?

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