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Super Blue Blood Moon: Where, When, and Live Stream Details

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The super blue blood moon phenomenon is about to happen this week, treating us to a rare cosmic event.

It may sound like a tongue twister but the super blue blood moon is real and it will be happening this week. This rare celestial phenomenon will grace the night sky on Wednesday, January 31st.

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So, what exactly is this occurrence and why are astronomers going crazy over it? Here are some of the most important things that you should know about this exceptional astronomical event.

What is a Super Blue Blood Moon?

Super blue blood moon is a celestial event that combines three lunar spectacles: a blue moon, a supermoon, and a total lunar eclipse.

A blue moon refers to the second full moon of the month. If you’re not aware of it, the first full moon of January happened on New Year’s day.

On the other hand, a supermoon refers to the lunar event wherein the moon appears larger and brighter to the naked eye. This is the time when the moon is at its closest distance to our planet

Lastly, a blood moon is a term coined for total lunar eclipse. During this time, the Earth will cast a reddish shadow over the moon, making it appear bloody to the naked eyes.

Will the Super Blue Blood Moon be Seen in Every Part of the World?

No. Unfortunately, some parts of Earth won’t be able to see this fantastic cosmic phenomenon. Overall, the super blue blood moon phenomenon will be visible in the western hemisphere. However, NASA will have a live feed of the moon on Wednesday starting at 5:30 AM EST which you can watch here.

Also, the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles will host a public viewing event from 3:45 to 7 AM Pacific time. Admission is free, so you may spend the night there with your friends and family.

What Regions of Earth Will Have the Best View of the Super Blue Blood Moon?

According to NASA, the viewing experience will be best on the West Coast, Alaska, and Hawaii. People in these regions may witness the lunar event from start to finish before sunrise on January 31st. On the other hand, people in the Middle East, Asia, Eastern Russia, Australia, and New Zealand may view the rare moon phenomenon in the evening of January 31st.

Unfortunately, viewing the super blue blood moon might be challenging for those in the Eastern time zone. NASA suggests that people living in the Eastern region of the U.S. must head outside at 6:45 AM and get to a high place to watch the start of the eclipse.

People living in the Central time zone will have a better view of the moon event. If you’re living somewhere in Kansas City or Chicago, you may head out at 6:15 AM CST where the Earth’s reddish shadow will be most noticeable on the moon.

Californians and people in Western Canada will be able to see the total eclipse from 3:48 AM Pacific time. It will end by around 6:05 AM so the best viewing time for this region is between 5 and 6 in the morning.

When was the Last Time Super Blue Blood Moon Occurred?

According to records, North America last witnessed a super blue blood moon in 1866, over 150 years ago.

How Close to Each Other Will the Moon and Earth be During the Super Blue Blood Moon?

NASA estimates that the distance between our planet and the moon would be down to 223,086 miles on Wednesday.

When Will the Next Super Blue Blood Moon be?

According to U.S. Naval Observatory astronomer Geoff Chester, the next trifecta super blue blood moon will happen 19 years from now. That’s on January 31st, 2037 at around 9 AM Eastern time. That’s a long time from now so don’t miss this rare opportunity!

Are you located or near one of the best spots mentioned by NASA? How excited are you to witness the super blue blood moon?

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