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How the Fourth Industrial Revolution is Changing Content

Seoul Skyline | CJ Nattanai |

Seoul Skyline | CJ Nattanai |

Edgy Labs examines the growing digital content market in South Korea, worldwide AU trends, and how marketization techniques are developing for Industry 4.0.

As our technology carries us into the Fourth Industrial Revolution we are sometimes left picking up the pieces of change, figuring out how our technological evolution has changed human traditions as old as civilization itself. Certain countries are better suited for adapting to this new environment.

South Korea (SK) is taking the fourth industrial revolution quite seriously. This isn’t much of a surprise, however, as SK consumers not only have some of the fastest Internet connections in the world but also consume some of the most digital creative content.

In fact, the SK digital media market continues to grow several times faster than the country’s overall GDP.

The fourth industrial revolution based on new technologies are the fusing of the physical, digital and biological sectors to create more economic opportunities while better safeguarding the environment.

Last week the SK Minister of Science stressed the responsibilities the government, academia, and the content industry have to secure “overseas demand for homegrown digital content in the face of changes brought on by the fourth industrial revolution.

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The content industry is rapidly growing buzzword applied to individual and global businesses working to produce music, computer games, animations, movies, musicals and other creative products.

Moreover, the content industry is set to “reorganize the [traditional market] through far-reaching innovation,” said professor Shim Sang-min at Sungshin Women’s University.

Moreover, content in SK is no longer for “early adopters” of tech. Older generations (over the age of 60) are among the top market influencers.

More than 8 in 10 Koreans are connected, and nearly all of households.

Data: Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning. Graphs: Ryu Ji-min.


The elderly are driving Korea’s internet penetration, mostly spending their time on mobile messengers like KakaoTalk.

Data: Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning. Graphs: Ryu Ji-min.


changing content

How are Companies Worldwide Already Using new Technologies?

Bud Light, NFL teams, and Niantic use AR to improve User Experience (UX):

As Edgy Labs previously reported, Bud Light was able to deliver added value to their fans while driving purchases with their “Scan the Can” drive that offered special offers and AR-enhanced sports highlights.

As illustrated by Niantic’s smash hit Pokémon GO, the rewards most valuable to customers don’t necessarily have to be monetary or tangible

In another example, the Denver Broncos were able to drive downloads of their proprietary app and social amplification by designing an simple AR experience.

Thanks to NEXREF, fans have another way to enjoy their favorite attractions, and brands such as Bud Light, Coca-Cola, and Conoco have a new platform from which to reach out to their customers.

Our developers are hard at work on incredible VR/AR games. Released last December, the pulse-pounding VR game Starship Survivor built by Edgy Labs’ own development team received significant consumer interest.

In addition to improving the UX and AR experience, advertisers can better assess cognitive decision-making based on measurements of brain activity, skin, eye stimuli, and blood flow.

How will Companies use Technology in the Changing Content of the Fourth Industrial Revolution?

Last year, Edgy Labs interviewed Houston-based marketing entrepreneur Tri Nguyen, and discussed the future of outbound and VR marketing:

VR offers the fixed, undivided user attention that TV once did, which could proliferate aggressive tv commercial-style pop-up ads and similar strategies. However, VR also offers the same caveat as social media: people use the technology for a primary purpose other than being marketed to.

Aspiring, eager entrepreneurs in the program then have a base that each class refines and strengthens in a kind of intellectual evolution with each generation more well-adapted to the business environment that they will engage.

Some premiere models in SK are already capable of simulating being at a live event, virtually, by using holograms and Vocaloid performers.

We here at Edgy Labs pride ourselves on being at the cutting edge of VR and AR. We offer cost-effective solutions for every business from startups to industry pros. These new technologies could improve the user experience for your customers.

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Would you attend a virtual performance/concert? What do you think the future of advertising looks like?

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