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Report: Global Shift to 100% Renewables Will be Here by 2050

We've known for years that renewable energy is the right thing for our planet. But now, we know it's also the best thing for our wallets.  ¦ pixel2013 / Pixabay

We've known for years that renewable energy is the right thing for our planet. But now, we know it's also the best thing for our wallets. ¦ pixel2013 / Pixabay

Basically, the whole world has come to an understanding over the existential threats of climate change, and every nation has made its own pledges as part of the Paris Agreement.

Some countries, like Costa Rica and Norway, have engaged in bold climate action plans while others, like the United States, the real action is taking place on a more local level.

While all these efforts certainly translate to significant decarbonization, the impact remains insufficient on a global scale.

To address climate change, a global shift to 100% renewables is unavoidable, and it has to happen fast.

We just lost the first mammal species to climate change, an event illustrating the hazard that should have served as a wake-up call for the world that has a lot to lose than just the clouds.

A Shift to 100% Renewables Before 2050 is Feasible and Cheaper

But as serious as the challenges of climate change are, the economic opportunities could be even greater.

Eliminating fossil fuels and embracing a radical shift to renewables isn’t only doable, but also cheaper, a new study says.

The four and a half-year research gathered by a team of 14 scientists from LUT University (Finland) and the Energy Watch Group (Germany) shows that a shift to 100% renewables is, economically, the best way forward.

Per the study findings, a green economy based on 100% renewable energy is competitive with the current system based on fossil fuels and nuclear power.

The team simulated a scenario where the whole world transitions to using clean electricity for three major sectors by 2050: heat, transport, and desalination.

Before researchers publish their report, Hans-Josef Fell, former Member of the German Parliament and President of the Energy Watch Group, commented.

“The report confirms that a transition to 100% renewables is possible across all sectors, and is no longer more expensive than the current energy system. It shows that the whole world can make the transition to a zero emission energy system. That is why all political powers around the world can and should do much more to protect our climate than they currently envision.”

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One major takeaway from the study’s findings is that all and every nation can and should be more bullish in their climate action to fulfill their Paris Agreement pledges.

And countries can benefit from the present research because besides the global scenario, the model the team developed also allows them to create national roadmaps for the shift to 100% renewables, tailored specifically to the local context.

A second one is that 100% energy transition within two or three decades “is highly realistic” . With how far we’ve already come, who knows what science would make possible in a few years from now.

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