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Google AR Maps Might be Live for you Right now

Google AR Maps Might be Live for you Right now

Google’s 2018 I/O developer conference brought us the first look at its AR map tool. Dubbed the AR Visual Positioning System, the tool provides a layer of augmented reality to your average navigation using your phone’s camera.

For a lucky few users, this feature is live right now.

Who can use AR Maps Right now

Though I have the latest Pixel model phone, I sadly don’t have this cool new function yet. But the new feature looks incredibly useful for many reasons.

While it obviously has no purpose for drivers, many pedestrians can now have more accurate, visualized directions when navigating. It would especially come in handy when you are completely unfamiliar with the area you’re in.

Similarly, the AR focused Google Lens launched in Google image results last year.

With more technology trending toward augmented reality over virtual reality, it makes sense that Google would incorporate the technology into their maps system.

What we Know so Far

So far, we know that this AR maps tool will not destroy your battery life. If your phone is idle for too long, the screen will darken. It will also revert to the normal map screen when you put down your phone.

Rachel Inman, the user-experience lead for this AR project, did specify that this AR maps tool is not meant to be your primary one. It’s best for specific tasks such as finding a difficult to locate or unmarked street or navigating a complex intersection.

In essence, the AR maps tool is meant to be used quickly in tandem with traditional navigating.

For a more in-depth sneak peek, check out the Wall Street Journal article with more details about the practical uses of the new AR maps functions.

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