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Google Uses Asylo System to Boost Cloud Cybersecurity

Google wants to make cloud computing safer than ever. | madartzgraphics / Pixabay

Google wants to make cloud computing safer than ever. | madartzgraphics / Pixabay

In an effort to encourage the public to use more cloud storage, Google wants to double down on its confidential computing approach. Using Asylo, the company’s open-source framework, Google aims to take cloud cybersecurity to the next level.

In an announcement yesterday in conjunction with Safer Internet Week, Google claimed it wants to deliver higher levels of control through confidential computing. Through the Asylo framework project, Google hopes to ensure that the secure enclave features of processors are much easier to use

“Confidential computing aims to create computing environments that can help protect applications and data while they are in use—even from privileged access, including from the cloud provider itself,” Google said.

“The most common approach for implementing key parts of confidential computing is using trusted execution environments (TEEs) to build software enclaves.”

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Advancing Confidential Computing

According to Google, confidential computing through Asylo will help protect the information of customers from different security issues like:

  • malicious insiders
  • network vulnerabilities
  • compromised host OS
  • BIOS compromise

“Asylo is designed to be agnostic to the hardware platform it rests on (and its trusted execution environment),” the company further said.

“This key design point is meant to make software development easier, reducing the friction developers experience when building software to run in a confidential computing environment.”

However, despite Asylo’s mission to address the technical challenges of developing trusted applications, Google admits that a better understanding of security risk tradeoffs and performance implications will only come from a broad usage of confidential computing across the spectrum.

“The best way to develop these design patterns is for people to begin experimenting with confidential computing,” Google went on to say.

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