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Google's Search Console Gets new Reports for Review Snippets

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Yesterday, Google announced new reports for review snippets in the Search Console.

A review snippet is a short extract from a website’s review or rating.

It’s usually an average of the combined review of many users. According to Google, millions of websites on the web use this structured data type — from movies, books, to events and products.

When the search engine finds a valid review or rating markup for a website, it could show a rich result as a part of the knowledge panel. These usually include summary info of the movie, book, or products and stars.

Now, the search engine company is adding support for review snippets on the search console.

In a blog post announcement, a team of search Console engineers at Google, Tomer Hodadi and Yuval Kurtser said:

“Today, we are announcing support for review snippets in Google Search Console, including new reports to help you find any issues with your implementation and monitor how this rich result type is improving your performance.”

Also, users can now review their existing URLs and debug their markup code before moving it to production using the Rich Results Tests.

Let’s delve a little deeper.

New Reports for Review Snippets in Search Console

If you have implemented reviews on your page, here are the latest tools and reports from Google you should know.

1. Rich Snippet Enhancement Report

This report is available to websites that implemented reviews or ratings structured data. It allows site owners to see errors, warnings, as well as valid pages for markup that’s applied on their sites.

Also, the rich snippet enhancement report helps you validate a fixed issue, and this would trigger a process where Google recrawls your site.

2. Rich Snippet Performance Report

As you may have guessed, this report shows how well your rich snippet is performing in Search.

Thanks to the new “Review snippet” search appearance filter, publishers can check their rating markup pages on Google Search and Discover. Along with checking impressions, clicks, and CTRs, users can now apply a deep filter to check other parameters.

For example, you can filter your data to see which queries, pages, countries, and devices are bringing your review snippets traffic,” says Google.

3. Review Snippets in Rich Results Test

The Rich Result Test tool allows you to test the review snippet’s structured data on your pages. That way, you can quickly identify and fix possible errors.

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