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Using GPT-2 to Generate Words That Don't Exist in the English Language

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One-shot, AI-generated webpages have been around for a while now.

It started with the website, which conjured up fictional faces. Then, there’s the more esoteric for cooking up events that never happened.

Now, a San Francisco-based developer, Thomas Dimson, has used a similar format to create

As the domain name implies, the one-shot AI-generated webpage generates words that ordinarily don’t exist in the English. What’s more, these words sound entirely plausible.

For example, “Deleveragement” — the action of humiliating someone by allowing them to remain silent — sounds like a managerial jargon. Meanwhile, a word such as “Sabbatory” — an institution devoted to the study of mystical religious learning — suggests a more etymological history.

Other babbles from the dictionary include “Obturtize,” “Sporozone,” “Barcology,” “Regune,” among others.

The website is using artificial intelligence to create a whole new dictionary. While it may not be as chilling as generating imaginary faces, ThisWordDoesNotExist is still quite impressive.

So, how does it work?

Using AI-Language Framework, GPT-2 To Generate Plausible Babbles

The website uses the AI language framework called GPT-2 to generate these fake words.
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The website uses the AI language framework called GPT-2 to generate these fake words.

Like other deep learning programs, GPT-2 looks for patterns in data, which it tries to replicate. In the case of ThisWordDoesNotExist, the data consisted of eight million webpages.

After mapping out when sentences appear next to each other, the algorithm uses the data to generate new sentences — and words.

Last year, Californian Lab, Open AI, unveiled a new multitalented artificial intelligence that writes, translates, and slanders. And they called it GPT-2.

At the time, the researchers trained the algorithm on the task of language modeling. This involved ingesting a massive number of articles, blogs, and websites.

Using just this data, the GPT-2 was able to achieve a state-of-the-art score in various language tests. It’s no wonder that the model has become somewhat of a rockstar of the AI world.

Now, the AI powers various language applications from its chatbots to the text adventure game, AI Dungeon.

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