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How a Tweet Accidentally Started a Twitter Battle Between Museums

Pajor Pawel |

Pajor Pawel |

London’s famous Science Museum and The Natural History Museum engaged in one of the most epic Twitter battles of all time.

Twitter can be interesting. Besides the occasional bullying and harassment, there’s always something exciting to see daily.

We recently covered how one teenager saved a dwindling rail line company’s reputation with nothing but Twitter and a great sense of humor.

The latest from the Twitter universe is a massive battle between two of the biggest museums in London.

Social media presence, like with Twitter, enables even storied institutions with grand reputations like two of London’s two most famous museums to interact directly with visitors and fans. Through this process, the social-media-enabled institution will grow an extra layer of personality–until the social media manager changes hands, of course.

It all started with a tweet from Twitter user Bednarz who innocently asked who would win a staff battle between The Science Museum And The Natural History Museum.

His question was actually targeted at #AskACurator day where people can tweet curators to find out what goes on behind the scenes of exhibitions.

Little did he know that this tweet would start what will become one of the most epic Twitter battles of all time.

Two Museums Engaged in One of The Most Epic Twitter Battles of All TimeClick To Tweet

The two museums took this as an opportunity to flex their muscles with each claiming to have the strongest exhibiting arsenal.

Don’t worry, it was really nothing but a fun and scientific exchange between the two institutions.

Enjoy the tweets!

All we can say now is thank you, Bednarz!

We’re not used to museums having a voice other than what they are able to exhibit at any given time, but as you’ve seen here Twitter has revealed the museums’ underlying attitudes. Any of us that use social media may admit that sometimes it’s easy to say more than you would in person–but did these museums go too far?

Who won the battle in your opinion?

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