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How to Use Videos in Your Email Marketing

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We all love watching videos.

An estimate shows that people watch over 4.6 billion video ads every year. Of this number, 80 percent recall what they had watched within the last month.

The big numbers are not surprising. Compared with plain text, videos are more active and exciting. It’s a faster way to share information while making complicated topics easier to understand.

Yes, videos can go viral too.

Without any doubt, videos are the most effective and engaging way for brands to send their message. But, what if you could bring this superpower to your email?

That’s right! You could increase your email’s open rate, engagement, and conversion by adding a single video to it.

However, if you’re clueless about how to do it, here are some tips to help you incorporate videos efficiently in your email marketing campaigns.

5 Tips To Follow When Using Videos in Email Marketing

1. Start With a  Series of Short Videos

As tempted as you may be to make long videos, don’t. They usually get dull and forgettable.

So, break it into a series of short videos. Aside from boosting excitement, your audience will keep anticipating what’s next.

Besides, people tend to share short videos that are shorter than one minute. This increases your chance of going viral.

2. Use the Word “Video” in the Subject Line

You spent hours making an excellent video.

Then, you embedded it in an email and sent it out as scheduled. But the problem is, your subscribers didn’t open it.

Yes, it’s exactly as frustrating as it sounds.

You can avoid this difficult situation by merely including the word “email” in the subject line.

According to MediaPost, the open rate rose from 7 percent to 13 percent when marketers use this technique.

Not only does it make the email look more attractive, but it also gives the impression that your subscribers are getting something extra.

3. Embed the Video in Your Email

When using videos in your email marketing, you want the experience to be as stress-free as possible. One way to do this is to embed the video directly in your email.

Using a link that leads to a landing page is one extra step that your subscribers may not want to take. Luckily for you, many marketing services are equipped to prevent this extra click.

From pulling a thumbnail off your video from YouTube to adding a “play” icon in the middle, your subscribers won’t have to leave their inbox to get the message. It’s also worthwhile looking at using GIFs in emails.

In the end, it could lead to more views, and ultimately, more conversions.

4. No to Autoplay

Speaking of views, using an autoplay feature won’t increase it. It could have the opposite effect.

Viewers generally don’t like it when a video plays right away. Instead, give them space and encourage them to click it by using a catchy thumbnail.

It could be an exciting image or a text that grabs attention. Whatever you do, don’t use a stock image. Your subscribers would see through the deception.

5. Appeal to Positive Emotions

You don’t have to make a video that talks directly about your brand. It could be something that spreads warmth, excitement, and amusement.

You can even add a personal touch that your audience could find relatable. Aside from increasing engagement, this is also a great way to build trust.

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