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How You use Machine Learning Everyday and Business Will, Too

Jirsak |

Jirsak |

AI has grown so rapidly in recent years that it’s already augmenting life at home as well as in the workplace.

Thanks to continual technological advances, AI is gaining so much in efficiency and versatility that it’s now disrupting industries across the board.

We think AI can drive the whole economy. Heck, even the porn industry (click the link for PornHub’s latest) is looking for ways to capitalize on machine learning technology.

And this AI-driven transformation is affecting the experience of customers and employees alike.

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AI’s Overhauling the Workplace

Investing in AI would allow a clear improvement in the overall productivity of a business.

According to this study (How AI Boosts Industry Profits and Innovation) conducted by Accenture Research, AI could kick-start steadily declining business profitability, and the more integrated AI is into business processes, the greater potential of its growth.

The study found that AI could boost profitability by an average of 38% through 2035 across 16 industries, with Information and Communication (4.8%), Manufacturing (4.4%) and Financial Services (4.3%) having the highest potential AI-driven growth rates.

The traditional work environment is evolving into a digital workplace, promising a competitive edge to companies and the improvement of their business processes. Although AI is only at its beginnings, it is already mature enough to find its place within the workplace, such as in the form of virtual assistants and chatbots.

In a survey of 800 companies in 15 countries and five continents, DimensionData assessed how AI and analytics could transform (digitize) the workplace.

For their digitization plans for the next two years, 62% of respondents expect the integration of virtual advisors in their businesses, and 58% plan to start actively investing in this tech.

The supply chain naturally fits AI, and so does HRM (Human Resources Management).

If supply chain officers use AI and cognitive computing to address supply chain challenges, such as procurement, product development, risk management, and sales, HR leaders could also resort to AI to improve the workplace.

Chatbots that enhance shopper experience could do the same for the employee experience: real-time answers of HR questions, custom e-learning, talent acquisition, and the list grows.

AI At Home

We are already at a stage where we can hardly do without AI on a daily basis, and many people may be incognizant of the fact that AI is omnipresent in their life.

Web search engines, mobile apps, social platforms, video games, smart cars, music and movie platforms, smart home devices–machine learning systems are augmenting daily life in every way possible.

You may be one of the millions of Americans already interacting with a virtual personal assistant (Siri, Google Assistant, or Cortana, for example).

According to report from eMarketer, in 2017, one in five Americans (60.5 million) have talked to their virtual assistant at least once monthly.

Over 35 million Americans will use a voice-enabled device, such as the Amazon Echo which dominates the market.

In 2016, nearly $2 billion USD in online purchases were performed exclusively through digital assistants, says Gartner.

If you’re a tech digerati (and billionaire) like Mark Zuckerberg, you could build your own Jarvis, and even recruit Morgan Freeman to lend his iconic deep-toned voice to your AI butler!

How have you noticed AI in your life?

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