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Meet the Company Developing a Jet-Powered Flying Motorcycle

Edu Silva 2ev /

Edu Silva 2ev /

Jetpacks have always been one of those futuristic gadgets from Sci-fi movies. Then, in 2018, California-based startup Jetpack Aviation (JPA) designed and manufactured the world’s first true Jetpack.

But the company wasn’t done innovating. In another world’s first, Jetpack Aviation recently unveiled its jet turbine-powered flying motorcycle – the Speeder, which is now available for preorder.

Here is everything you should know about the world’s first flying motorcycle.

The Speeder; A Flying Motorcycle Powered By Jet Turbines

As you may have guessed, The Speeder is a result of JPA’s years of expertise with jet turbines.

Using a cluster of four turbojet engines, the motorcycle can attain a maximum thrust of 705 lbf – enough to lift both the vehicle and pilot. The Speeder stabilizes itself in the air using a fly-by-wire control system, similar to what you would find in a quadcopter drone.

The jet turbine engine, which runs on diesel, kerosene or JetA, can get you in the air within 10 to 22 minutes. Of course, this depends on the density altitude and the pilot’s weight.

So, how fast can the Speeder move and how high can it fly?

The Speeder is more than a Star Wars-styled motorcycle hovercraft. According to JPA, the flying motorcycle is capable of 150 mph speed and 15,000 feet altitude, with a 20-minute endurance.

Besides, the Speeder packs a couple of features to ease air navigation. These include a 12-inch touch screen monitor, hand controls, as well as an in-built two-way aviation radio system for air-to-air and air-to-ground communications.

Following FAA laws, the California-based startup intends to build versions of the motorcycle for recreational and ultralight categories. So, while users don’t need a license to fly the ultralight version, the experimental version requires a full pilot’s license.

However, JPA is trying to get the FAA to reduce the license requirement to either a Recreational Pilot Certificate or Sports Pilot’s License.

How Much Does the Speeder Cost?

The company intends to build just 20 of the Speeders for commercial use. As such, it’ll cost $10,000 to reserve the limited-edition flying motorcycles, then another $380,000 on the full build.

After that, future productions will be dedicated to military and government use.

According to JetPack Aviation, the military version of the flying motorcycle will have an additional jet turbine for redundancy and extra lift. Also, it would have a remote-fly option, to be used as a drone or cargo carrier.

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