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Check out this Jaw-Dropping 195-Gigapixel Photo of Shanghai

195-Gigapixel photo of Shanghai | Big Pixels

195-Gigapixel photo of Shanghai | Big Pixels

A recent photo of Shanghai went viral online for its high resolution allowing anyone to zoom in from miles away.

A Chinese company, Jingkun Technology, just took a massive photo of Shanghai. The photo enables anyone to zoom in from miles away and still clearly see the faces of pedestrians. The company took the image from the top of the Oriental Pearl Tower to show the fantastic landscape of the city in full detail.

According to the company, the photo has a resolution of 195 gigapixels. By comparison, modern cameras and smartphones shoot images in megapixels, or millions of pixels. In other words, the picture of Shanghai has about 195 billion pixels in it, making it the largest photo taken in all of Asia and the third in the world.

A pedestrian captured in the photo of Shanghai
A zoomed in picture of a pedestrian from Big Pixel’s huge photo of Shanghai | Big Pixel

Big Pixel claims that their photo is over 2,000 times more precise than images captured using current consumer-level cameras. However, if you think that the 360-degree image was taken in just a click of a camera, it’s not. The large photo is a collection of pictures put together over two months with the help of image-stitching technology. Big Pixel did not disclose the tools the company used to create the photo.

“The Big Pixel team decided to accept new challenges of taking photos with hundreds of billions of pixels by breaking the past limit of tens of billions of pixels,” the company wrote on its website.

“After taking photos in the Oriental Pearl Tower which is 230 m high and after data treatment for two months, we successfully created this picture, the world’s third largest picture, and Asia’s first largest picture, marking that our team became a top creative image production team of the world.”

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the world’s largest photo ever created belongs to a university team in Malaysia from 2015. The 846-gigapixel image shows a detailed view of Kuala Lumpur. The second largest photograph. captured by a five-person team, has a resolution of 365 gigapixels.  It shows a panoramic view of France’s Mont Blanc.

You can check out the actual photo here.

Do you believe that such high-resolution images pose a threat to people’s privacy?

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