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You'll Want to Know About the Latest VR Innovations From CES 2018

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As virtual reality remains an underdog in the world of technology, some companies refuse to give up and are proudly presenting their latest VR innovations at CES 2018 in Las Vegas.

While VR technology is deemed as an expensive and complicated work in progress, it’s good to know that companies are still exploring and improving its capabilities. Aside from smart home electronics, appliances, and other gadgets, CES 2018 also showcased some of the best VR innovations that we should all look forward to this year.

Here are three of the latest VR techs that were unveiled at CES.

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HTC Vive Pro

Nearly two years after HTC launched Vive, the company has finally unveiled a Pro version at CES 2018. According to the company, the Vive Pro was designed to address the issues of the early Vive model. As part of its VR innovations, HTC equipped the new Vive Pro with the following updates and features:

  • dual OLED displays with 2880 x 1600 (1400 x 1600 per eye, and 615 PPI) resolution for clearer text rendering and better graphics
  • redesigned head strap for easy adjustment
  • built-in headphones with amplifiers
  • dual microphones
  • dual front-facing cameras
  • compatibility with both the 1.0 and 2.0 SteamVR tracking
  • Wireless option using a wireless adapter that works over Intel’s 60GHz WiGig standard

Meshroom VR

At the International CES, one of the top VR innovations so far is the Meshroom VR that can turn CAD drawings into VR prototypes.

Of course, a designer can always use a pencil and paper or even a digital tool to draw what’s in his mind. However, nothing beats having a virtual glimpse of what a design would look like in real life. Thus, despite the cost, prototypes are considered significant components of any industry, particularly manufacturing.

While the advent of 3D printing significantly contributed in lowering the cost of creating prototypes, it still has some limitations. Just imagine 3D printing a prototype vehicle. To counteract this, automakers like Ford have started using VR tech to develop prototypes of their cars.

With Meshroom VR, people will have the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of this multibillion-dollar setup by merely uploading CAD drawings onto the Meshroom Virtual Studio. Then, Meshroom will convert the drawings into a one-to-one scale model that users can interact with in virtual reality.

If you want to use this VR tech, you will need to buy a Meshroom license worth $2,700 USD for a year, a VR compatible PC, and an HTC Vive. It’s definitely not cheap but it can be a good investment for startups that could save them thousands of dollars by avoiding have to create product prototypes.

What do you think?


For a brief moment, forget about designs, games, resolutions, and other ‘common’ VR innovations you know. The VR startup LooxidLabs is not after that. In fact, the LooxidVR headset that the company revealed at CES 2018 has an entirely new set of features.

The seemingly standard, mobile-powered VR headset is said to be equipped with eye-tracking cameras and built-in EEG sensors. According to LuxidLabs, these features will enable the headset to track both the eyes and brain activity of the users while they explore VR environments.

The information that will be gathered by the cameras and sensors will be used to improve the VR headset’s emotional recognition capabilities. Just imagine a VR simulation that can analyze your feelings and could potentially adjust the experience based on your emotions.

Creepy or amazing?

What other VR innovations do you hope to see at the CES 2018? Share it with us in the comments section below!

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