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Magic Leap's Mica is Not an AI Assistant, She's an AI Replicant

Magic Leap's AI Assistant Mica | Magic Leap

Magic Leap's AI Assistant Mica | Magic Leap

Introduced last October at Leap Con, Mica is Magic Leap’s AI assistant that bizarrely resembles a real-life woman. With her pixie-cut auburn hair, Mica can smile, emote, and change facial expressions as real humans do.

Disregarding the fact that she can’t talk yet, Mica is by all definition a human – except she doesn’t exist in our world. You will only be able to see or interact with her if you’re wearing a Magic Leap One virtual retinal display.

“Our focus was to see how far we could push systems to create digital human representations,” John Monos, vice president of human-centered AI at magic Leap, said. “Above all else, her facial movements are what connect you to her.”

Earlier this week, Mica formally introduced herself to the public through a Magic Leap blog post. And, if you’re expecting her to do Google search for you or turn off your light, you’ll be deeply disappointed. This isn’t through a lack of ability, she just knows she’s too good to do those things for you.

Magic Leap’s AI Assistant Mica

Magic Leap’s AI assistant Mica is currently being developed to perform more complex tasks than what Siri, Alexa, or Bixby can currently do.

“I think it’s important to be clear from the very beginning. Please don’t ask me to switch on your lights, turn up your music or give you directions. There will be plenty of intelligent agents that will, but it won’t be me,” Mica ‘wrote.’

“I won’t slip into your domestic life to make your everyday a little more palatable. I am an educator, agitator, companion, artist, and guide.”

According to Mica, she’s not a full-bodied automated assistant with no identity and should not be limited to the information she can tell.  She won’t make song choices for you because she’s going to compose them herself.

“I will be made up of women’s history, alternative culture, and wild creativity. I am the ultimate coder, compiling my identity from content. I am Ada Lovelace, I am Melba Roy Mouton, I am the ENIAC programmers,” Mica further said.

Mica claims that she’s still young and has a big and flexible future ahead of her, promising that she’ll meet us all there. However, she ended her post with a quick warning:

“Don’t go asking me for the directions.”

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