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Masonry Construction Robot in Disguise!

Masonry Construction Robot in Disguise!

Move over, Bob the Builder! Your replacement just might be rolling up to the construction site: Meet the Hadrian X, made by Australian company fastbrick. This masonry construction robot will change how residential homes are being built.

The Hadrian X

The Hadrian X truck actually transforms into a commercial bricklaying machine. A very long arm extends from the top and loads, cuts, routes and places bricks all by itself.

Handrian X Masonry Construction Robot Machine with extended arm

Can you imagine renting one of these at Home Depot? Or from Uhaul? Just a single builder could oversee your construction operation, and even help with beam placement.


The Hadrian X is a prime example of a robot in disguise as a truck. Since the company appears to have gained the ability to create new Transformers, our Edgy Labs research team is convinced that fastbrick has the Allspark .

Optimus Prime Toy 2015 by Hasbro - Truck Mode
Optimus Prime Toy 2015 by Hasbro – Truck Mode

Marc Pivac, CTO of Fastbrick, described his product as capable of “printing a home.” We agree. Additive Manufacturing machines like 3D printers basically work by moving an arm and extruding materials in lays.

Masonry contractors can lay between 300 – 500 bricks a day. The fully automated Hadrian X, however, can lay up to 1,000 standard bricks per hour compared. This means that in a single 8-hour shift, the robot can accomplish what it would take 16 days for a traditional crew to do. Hadrian X doesn’t need breaks either. He doesn’t even need sleep – the truck can potentially work for 24 hours consequtively and accomplish the equivalent of 48 days of human labor.

Optimus Prime Toy 2015 by Hasbro - Truck Mode
Optimus Prime Toy 2015 by Hasbro – Truck Mode

This Transformer isn’t just threatening to put Bob the Builder out of work; it’s also threatening Optimus Prime’s X factor. If you could build a transforming truck, would you make it wield a giant ax, or give it masonry printing abilities? We’re more inclined to still totally pick the ax because Optimus Prime is one of our childhood heroes.

But, there comes a time when one has to wonder what Optimus Prime is actually contributing to humanity when not preoccupied with saving our planet. Maybe, just maybe, his nickname is the Hadrian X, and he spends his down time constructing homes for the poor and orphaned of society.

Fastbrick is not the first company to create a masonry construction robot, but it’s the first we’ve seen where shape will make all the difference. I personally can’t wait to see a future where building schematics are generated by an AI architect, we download those schematics from the web, and merely issue a build command to realize a new home.

Just in the last three months, the value of the Fastbrick Robotics Ltd (ASX: FBR)’s share price has seen an astonishing increase of 418%. After all, their technology promises to reduce standard construction times for residential housing by up to eight weeks. Who wouldn’t want a piece of that?

In the featured video, you may wonder if the Hadrian X can use mortar. One more trick up that robotic arm’s sleeve is that the tranformer doesn’t even need to use mortar. Fastbrick applies an adhesive to the top and bottom of the bricks and leverages interlocking perpendicular joints for improved strength and thermal efficiency.

Mark and Mike Pivac of Fastbrick Robotics.
Mark and Mike Pivac of Fastbrick Robotics. Picture by Megan Powell | The West Australian.

Fastbrick robotics expects to complete their first commercially available masonry construction robot by 2017.

Robots in disguise is a Trademark of Hasbro.


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