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What Happened to MasterCard's Display Card?

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In an attempt to offer users more security and control over credit cards, MasterCard partnered with Nagraid Security to introduce what it described as a next-generation payment card called the Display Card.

The high-tech credit card had touch-sensitive buttons as well as LCD screens, which enabled users to generate a One-Time Password (OTP). As a result, cardholders would enjoy extra security during online banking sessions. How does it work, you wonder?

The Display Card works like your regular credit or debit card, but with a bonus of an authentication token.

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That means users would longer have to use bank-issued authentication tokens for their online transactions. Instead, the card provides two-factor authentication to keep all transactions secure. Also, it eliminates the need for text message and email authentications.

Aside from a touch-sensitive keyboard, the card’s display also provides access to various interactive information. These include loyalty and reward points, recent transactions, as well as the available credit balance.

Sounds like a futuristic gizmo, right? There’s just one problem.

The self-proclaimed “global leading company in payment solution” announced the display card seven years ago – back in November 2012.

Now it’s 2019, and you’ve stopped waiting for the “next generation” credit card to arrive. And like everyone else, you have one simple question;

What Happened To MasterCard’s Display Card?

As far as we know, MasterCard didn’t release an official statement to explain why cardholders never got the Display Card. As such, we can only speculate.

It could be due to a security flaw or poor adoption by financial institutions. But, our best guess is that the display card was way ahead of its time and announced before it was ready.

However, advancement in mobile technology has helped integrate various payment systems into our daily lives. For example, Apple introduced Apple Pay in 2014 and is set to release a credit card that depends on the iPhone features in 2019.

With time, payment technology through smartphones will eventually render physical cards obsolete. So, regardless of how advanced the MasterCard display card sounds, we may never use it.

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    Daniel Romero June 15 at 5:20 pm GMT

    >why cardholders never got the Display Card
    What do you mean? These cards *were* actually issued to some GetIn Bank customers over here in Poland to quite lukewarm reception. card display.html

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