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Meet Jetson Xavier, Nvidia's new AI Chip for Robots

Nvidia Jetson Xavier module | Nvidia

Nvidia Jetson Xavier module | Nvidia

Nvidia just introduced Jetson Xavier, its latest AI chip that is packed with around $10,000 USD worth of power.

There is no doubt that Nvidia wants to be a player in the future of AI, especially now that it has revealed its latest AI chip, Jetson Xavier, which will run on its Isaac platform. The chip is specially designed for robots and reportedly holds about $10,000 USD worth of power in a small box priced at only $1,299 USD.

“This little computer is going to be the brain of future robots,” Jensen Huang, Nvidia’s co-founder and CEO, said at a press conference in Taiwan.

“Robots that drive, that fly, that swim, [a robot] that goes underground, that picks strawberries, picks lettuce, picks apples, helps you in the lab, like Jarvis handing you your screwdriver — this little computer is the brains of future intelligent machines.”

The AI chip is powered by six processors and runs 30 trillion operations per second. Huang said that it took them five years to create the chip. Three years were dedicated for the design alone while the other two years were spent on its architecture. Overall, it took more than 8,000 experts to design and develop Jetson Xavier.

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“This is the single longest processor project we have ever done in our company,” Huang added. “Essentially, a $10,000 workstation, 1,000 watts of performance, now fits in my hand for 30 watts.”

According to Huang, both Isaac and Jetson Xavier were designed and developed to capture the future of AI technology as it rapidly shifts from cloud-based software to real-world navigating robots.

“AI, in combination with sensors and actuators, will be the brain of a new generation of autonomous machines. Someday, there will be billions of intelligent machines in manufacturing, home delivery, warehouse logistics and much more,” Huang went on to say.

The Isaac platform is a set of software tools developed by Nvidia to help companies quickly develop and train their robots. The platform reportedly includes a collection of APIs that could be used to connect to 3D cameras and sensors. It also has a library of AI accelerators to help algorithms run smoothly.

Shipment of Jetson Xavier will begin in August, and it will include an Isaac robotics software.

Do you believe that developing powerful robots will have a positive impact in the world?

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