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Mirror Image Theory Suggests Existence of an Antimatter Universe

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Many modern scientists posit the existence of a mirror image of our own universe, and they’re developing a so-called Mirror Image Theory to try to explain its implications.

Have you ever looked into the mirror and noticed how everything is identical but reversed horizontally, so that left and right look flipped.

Actually, asymmetric objects show us that a mirror or water do not reverse images left to right or vice versa, but front to back.

The expression “mirror image,” which describes two things that are identical or closely resembling each other, could be extended to something as big as the universe itself.

The Mirror Image Theory and the Antiuniverse

We owe the existence of our universe and everything therein to the Big Bang, the most accepted theory about the universe’s origin.

But according to three researchers at Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics (Canada), the Big Bang has also resulted in a second universe that’s identical to ours, but it extends backward in time and gets bigger while doing so.

This “antiuniverse,” which is a mirror image of our universe, would be made of antimatter. In a paper published in Physical Review of Letters, the scientists explained:

“We propose that the state of the Universe does not spontaneously violate CPT. Instead, the Universe after the big bang is the CPT image of the Universe before it, both classically and quantum mechanically. The pre- and postbang epochs comprise a universe-antiuniverse pair, emerging from nothing directly into a hot, radiation-dominated era.”

Per the team, the antiuniverse isn’t the exact mirror image of the universe because of quantum uncertainty, which helps with a way around the problem of free will.

Leah Broussard and her colleagues at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee have different ideas about a mirror image universe.

They’re after a mirrorverse where everything from molecules up to stars and galaxies, and life itself, are identical to our reality but flipped.

“After decades of tantalizing hints about its existence, the first experiments aiming to go through the looking glass are about to get underway. Finding such a mirror universe would not only transform our view of reality but could also answer questions about our own universe that have puzzled scientists for decades.”

And one mystery that’s challenging our understanding of the universe, and which the mirrorverse theory could explain, is dark matter. To test that theory, the team will run an experiment where they’d beam neutrons against an impenetrable wall.

Our scientists are struggling to explain where’s all the missing baryonic matter in our universe or why there’s so much of dark matter yet they can’t directly detect or measure it.

At the same time, if the Mirror Image Theory holds true, it’s a bit ironic to think that there might be some scientists in the mirrorverse trying to figure out why their dark matter is much less than it should be.

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    Júnior Bahia JB June 13 at 11:50 am GMT


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    Jim Fetter September 01 at 4:34 pm GMT

    Soooooo, what happens when both sides of this mirrorverse start their beaming neutrons against that impenetrable wall?!?!?!
    Is this the point that we all get blown to smithereens an then go to those places like heaven or hell theorized to exist????
    Ya see, this is the problem with theorizing something.

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      Ryan Spivey September 21 at 9:27 pm GMT

      Your comment doesn’t make any sense. The beaming neutrons at an impenetrable wall was only done to test a hypothesis. Theorizing is the only thing we can do. The words of the Bible are falsifiable so it can’t even be theorized. A hypothesis must be tested and examined repeatedly before it’s even considered a theory. The Bible cannot be tested so it cannot be considered a valid theory. You’re comparing apples to oranges.

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        Ryan Spivey September 21 at 9:27 pm GMT

        Aren’t falsifiable*

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