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Molar Mic - U.S. Military's New Stealth Communication Device

Molar Mic | Sonitus Technologies

Molar Mic | Sonitus Technologies

The U.S. military is reportedly funding a tech company to develop a new stealth communication device.

The U.S. military has a new stealth communication device that can be hidden inside a person’s mouth. Dubbed as Molar Mic, the device is reportedly being developed by the California-based company Sonitus Technologies.

According to reports, the Pentagon has signed a $10 million USD contract with Sonitus to develop the new gadget. These tooth mics will enable strategic communication between military agents or soldiers on dangerous missions.

The Molar Mic is designed to clip at the back of a person’s teeth. It is equipped with both a microphone and speaker, allowing the wearer to send and receive messages without any visible headset or earpiece.

The wearer will receive all incoming sounds through bone matter in the jaw and skull going to the auditory nerves. On the other hand, outcoming sounds will be sent to another radio unit hidden by an operator through a transmitter on the wearer’s neck. After that, the operator can then send the signal anywhere.

Sonitus said Molar Mic would ensure that the wearer would be able to receive important communications even when chewing crunchy food like cereals. In a statement, Sonitus Technologies CEO Peter Hadrovic was quoted as saying:

Essentially, what you are doing is receiving the same type of auditory information that you receive from your ear, except that you are using a new auditory pathway — through your tooth, through your cranial bones — to that auditory nerve. You can hear through your head as if you were hearing through your ear.

Hadrovic added that communication through the bone could be improved with constant practice.

Over the period of three weeks, your brain adapts and it enhances your ability to process the audio.

At the moment, Sonitus is not thinking of making the technology available commercially. Apparently, the contract with the U.S. Department of Defense is to enhance the Molar Mic further and test it on the field before moving to large-scale production. According to Hadrovic, the U.S. Air Force will be spearheading the next phase of Molar Mic’s field testing.

Do you believe that stealth communication device’s like the Molar Mic should be made accessible to the public?

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