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NASA to Send First Female Astronaut to the Moon by 2024

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Gorodenkoff /

NASA  just announced its plan to send the first female astronaut to the Moon by 2024. The announcement was made following reports that the White House has increased the space agency’s budget.

NASA confirmed that the next mission to the Moon would be called Artemis, after the name of Greek God Apollo’s twin sister.

Jim Bridenstine, NASA’s current administrator, said in a statement:

“It turns out that Apollo had a twin sister, Artemis. She happens to be the goddess of the moon. Our astronaut office is very diverse and highly qualified. I think it is very beautiful that 50 years after Apollo, the Artemis program will carry the next man — and the first woman — to the moon.”

First Female Astronaut to go to the Moon

If everything goes as planned, the yet-to-be-named female astronaut will be the world’s first woman to step on the moon. To date, only 12 humans have walked on the moon. All of them were not only Americans, but they were all male as well.

Bettina Inclán, NASA’s Communication Director, said in an interview:

“The last person walked on the Moon in 1972. No woman has ever walked on the lunar surface.”

Bridenstine noted that Vice President Mike Pence is now challenging the U.S. space agency to expedite its Moon initiatives and put astronauts back on the lunar surface in the next five years. Bridenstine added:

“The first woman will be an American on the surface of the moon in five years. That is an extreme declaration and a charge that we are going to live up to at NASA.”

NASA is still in the early stages of planning the Artemis mission. At the moment, the space agency is still working on the development of its rocket and coordinating with both SpaceX and Boeing for the completion of the crew capsules that will be used for future Moon missions.

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