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Sartorius Develops World's First Digital Lab Assistant

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Sartorius functions as a leading biopharma supplier. Boston Consulting Group Digital Ventures (BCG Digital Ventures) invests in influential and cutting edge companies. And, if you are in the biopharmaceutical or medtech industries, you might know of Sartorius’ contributions already.

They’ve produced all kinds of things such as bioreactors and water purification tools. But they also provide services for hardware and bioprocess development engineering, as well as applications for various avenues such as:

  • quality control and testing
  • life science research
  • biopharmaceutical manufacturing

So now, the two companies want to produce yet another tool for scientists: the world’s first every voice-powered digital lab assistant. This assistant will also, of course, feature AI-power, but most likely won’t live up to our J.A.R.V.I.S. comic book dreams.


A Brief History of Sartorius Leadership

Voice recognition technologies help the assistant, known as LabTwin, stay connected in any environment. It simply records audio then automatically transcribes notes. This frees the scientists to maintain focus (and their hands) on their projects.

But the assistant also uses machine learning to learn and improve.

The company hopes to reduce the 50 – 80% of time scientists spend notating their experiments. As you can imagine, with pharmaceuticals and medical experiments, correct notation is key.

The company features two co-founders: Magdalena Paluch and Steffen Gloth.

Paluch shares pedigree with BCG Digital Ventures as former Director. But she also hails from Toyota where she worked as an Innovation Strategist focused on robotics and mobility. Gloth has a background in mechatronics engineering, working for 12 years in many positions at Sartorius.

A Creation That Seems to Have Been a No-Brainer

LabTwin aims to reduce time spent notating, as well as reduce errors in notes. It can do all of the things normal assistants would do such as:

  • capture data and take notes
  • create lists
  • set reminders or timers
  • develop templates, protocols, and more via machine learning
  • store all of your notes in one place

Since everything is voice-powered, you can do just about everything hands-free. What’s more: you can sync data between mobile and web apps, as well. This means that you can more easily track down the source of an error or perform a note audit.

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